End The Bribe System

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Democracy & Progressive Goals.

Stop The Bribing Of Politicians.

Including The Corporate Media.

Why Don't We Get What We Want and Need?

When a majority of Americans want to fix a problem, politicians who take money from rich people and companies won't listen to what the majority wants. They only do what the rich and powerful want. The Supreme Court says it's okay for rich people and companies to give lots of money to politicians in exchange for special treatment. This is called "free speech," but it's really just bribery.

Bribery has ruined our political system, economy, and country. All we need to do is stop politicians from taking money and being greedy. Money is like a disease that's hurting American politics. The Supreme Court destroyed laws that were meant to protect our democracy from corruption.

Bribery means politicians do what they're told and the media lies to us. Bribery destroys trust and hurts our society and our individual lives. Some media companies are told by their advertisers what to say, so they deceive us and hide the truth. This is a form of brainwashing.

The problem is that money is the boss in America. This goes against what the Founding Fathers wanted when they signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The Founding Fathers wanted all people to be equal and have equal rights, not for money to rule.

Here are some examples:

The Bribe System is Real: A rich businessman from Chicago gave the biggest donation in U.S. history to a political group, worth $1.6 billion. He gave the money to a guy who helps make the courts more conservative.

Climate Change: 75% of Americans believe that climate change is real and needs to be fixed now. 2/3 of Americans think the government isn't doing enough. Most people want stronger rules to protect the environment, even if it costs more. But politicians are paid off by the oil industry, who don't care about the planet.

Universal Healthcare: 66% of Americans want the government to provide health insurance for everyone. The U.S. is the only developed country without universal healthcare. More people are realizing that government health insurance is better and cheaper than commercial insurance. But politicians take money from the insurance, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries and keep us from getting what we need.

Gun Violence: 64% of people want stronger gun control laws. But politicians won't listen until the gun lobby stops giving them money.

Freedom of Choice: Our rights are being taken away. Our right to choose, like our right to vote and have abortions, is being taken away. 61% of people think abortion should be legal and 78% of people don't want it to be harder to vote. But rich people are buying politicians to make sure they get what they want.

Corruption: 80% of Americans want to limit how much money politicians can get. The Supreme Court said corporations can give unlimited money to politicians, even though it goes against the Constitution. The more money you have, the more influence you have, and the more politicians you can control.

There is no true path to justice for the individual when unconscionable corporations with vast resources are given the right to purchase government favor, allowing them to influence legislation and laws which ultimately shape a nation's social values, thereby giving themselves all the advantages over common people. In a country where corporations rule, justice is never served.

The number of problems that need to be solved is almost limitless.

But NONE of them will be solved until we FIRST

End The Bribe System.

Save Our Democracy.

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An Unusual $1.6 Billion Donation Dark Money donation was first reported by The New York Times on Monday, August 22, 2022.

Billionaire Money In The 2022 Election.