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Until money is removed from politics, Democracy is doomed.

The Anti-Democracy movement is reaching the point in the US and around the world where Democracy could be gone forever. Numerous countries around the world that were democracies 10 or 20 years ago are no longer democracies. A major source of the problem comes from the extremely rich bribing the politicians to their advantage of themselves at the expense of the majority. It is time to immediately end the bribe system or Democracy will be lost.

The bought-off Republican stooges in Congress and state legislatures — along with their allies on the Supreme Court — are openly trying to bring our country down, to destroy a 240-year-old democracy. America could lose its democracy along with a collapse of democracies around the world unless the bribe system is terminated. It needs to be made illegal again. Republicans want to deconstruct the Administrative State. The Administrative State consists of Regulatory Agencies that are hated by the Bribers. The agencies that prevent corporations from harming the public. The agencies which protect you, John Q. Public, from the harm the amoral bribers can do to The People. Every Republican is in the pocket of the big-money bribers.

The current Republican Conservative thinking is that there is a new way of managing our relationships with the fascist autocracies; this will destroy America. What’s grinding away below the surface, however, is the destruction of democracy itself. The Republican Revolution is the embrace of neoliberalism; putting financial interest (money) ahead of national interest (patriotism) which has become the main focus of the entire Republican Party. Spawning an industry of “Think Tanks” and “Bill Mills” that crank out “model legislation” for both States and Congress to enact into law; legislation that does not have the best interest of the people in mind.

Almost every member of the Republican Caucus in the House of Representatives is a millionaire. Forty years ago the members were average working Americans, not millionaires. There were very few millionaire senators back in the1980s because big money didn't control politics. It didn't take big money to get into politics back then. But Reagan changed the rules of the game, and then the Supreme Court changed the rules of the game, and now there's pretty much not a single member of the House Representatives who's not a multi-millionaire. (And…they have convinced well-meaning, conservatives to vote AGAINST their own best interests! Did you know the 3 wealthiest Americans are worth more than the lower 50% of Americans, combined!) There are now senators who are worth tens of millions of dollars and some billionaires. Many of them became rich while they were in the House and Senate because they carved an exemption into the insider trading laws. They know when a company is going to get a contract, or a defense contractor is going to get a government contract. They know it before the public knows it. So, then they go buy a pile of stock. If anyone else did that it would be considered “inside trading” and they would go to jail. It is poison to a Democracy.

Around the world, and in America today, there are nations and politicians who do believe that democracy — governance via the will of the majority, carried out by elected representatives — is the best form of government for a republic. At the same time, there are many who give lip service to democracy to accomplish their financial gain, power, and political ends; but, in reality, believe that authoritarianism and oligarchy are better ways to rule a nation and keep peace around the world. That movement toward authoritarianism and away from democracy is growing both internationally and right here at home. The Russian/Ukrainian conflict highlights how imperiled democracy is becoming in the 21st century. The real issue in Ukraine isn’t just land, it is the overthrow of democracy. Ukraine and Taiwan represent possible tipping points for democracy internationally, while here in the United States Republican Fascists are passing laws that allow politicians to ignore the results of elections. The US Republicans in the Senate refuse to stand up for democracy by using the undemocratic filibuster — this could be a tipping point for America! The share of countries designated as Not Free has reached its highest level since the deterioration of democracy began in 2006. One of those countries where democracy itself is under assault is the USA, where virtually the entire Republican Party has rejected supporting democracy at home!

The problem is money rules in America. This goes against what the Founding Fathers intended when they signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The “Original Intent” of the Founding Fathers was, and is, that all citizens are “Created Equal” and have Equal Rights. Not that money rules. The Founders of our American republic argued that the “natural state” of humankind is not violent and hierarchical but, rather, compassionate, egalitarian, and democratic. This “natural state” cannot survive when politicians' are being bribed. The Senate is not democratic. There are 21 states that have 42 senators with a total population equal to California which has only 2 senators. Right now, the Republicans' fifty senators represent 43 million fewer Americans than the fifty Democrats. That is not Democracy. We've had four presidents in this century elected with less of the popular vote, all Republicans. Because of the anarchic thing called “The Electoral College” all of the focus for advertising and electioneering around presidential elections every year, is on the so-called swing States. Five to seven states determine the fate of America and the rest of America gets ignored. Because of gerrymandering, some states have a population that is a majority of Democrats but are Republican-controlled. Not doing the will of the majority. This is not what a Democracy should be. We need elections that are fair and where the majority of the votes win.

Are we truly a democracy when you've got a handful of billionaires able to contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to elect candidates who represent the interests of the wealthy? Is that really the kind of democracy we want? Are we really a democracy if states pass laws that allow politicians to overthrow the will of the people? Or… do we want a real democracy where the government acts in the best interest of “We the People...”? Please…stop following the lemmings off the autocracy cliff and think of the best interests of your own children and grandchildren. Let’s vote to SAVE our Democracy first. We can debate policy later. But if the Republicans take power, it won’t matter, because our 250-year-old Democracy will no longer stand.

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