How The Media Is Corrupted.

The oligarchs own the media, and their money-corrupting of the media is multifaceted. Corporate Media is both the contributor and the recipient of money to the bribe system. Keep in mind that almost all media corporations, from newspapers and television to internet social media, are owned by billionaires who need to control the information that is disseminated to the public. The Media companies don't talk about the most important issues facing the country, because the Bribe System establishment is paying them not to talk about anything that might take away their power to influence what people think.

News and entertainment have been merged. In 1987, the FCC abolished the “Fairness Doctrine. The original purpose of the doctrine was to ensure that viewers were exposed to a diversity of viewpoints. There are no so-called “guardrails” to preventing the media from doing reporting that benefits themselves and not the public. A critical aspect of a functioning democracy is to be well-informed in order to participate effectively in that democracy. One of the most important ways that many people are informed is through the mainstream media. We know that the media is far from perfect, but now they are allowed to lie and provide disinformation or withhold information by simply not completely reporting on a subject. Lying by omission. Then they'll claim to have reported on a subject when in reality they haven't really done a complete report.

Their physiological subliminal seduction of the public is extensive. Subliminal messages are defined as signals below the absolute threshold level (ATL) of our conscious awareness. The word “subliminal” literally means “below the threshold.” The first thing we need to understand is that we cannot become consciously aware of subliminal stimuli even if we look for them. This is part of the Pseudo Bribe; where media companies purposefully mislead, deceive, ignore, minimize, and lie to the public – instructed by their advertisers telling them what they can and cannot say. A form of propaganda.

The media uses sensationalism for profit. Sensationalizing a story makes money in advertising revenue. The more they can sensationalize something, the more money can be made in advertising revenue. Then tap into the story in a manner that gives people an emotional reaction, gets people outraged giving them their adrenaline rush of hate. Then you simultaneously alleviate any responsibility or desire that your viewer, listener, or reader might have to get involved. Get that emotional reaction, but also make them feel good because there's nothing they can do about it. Then they will continue to come back to your channel, site, newspaper, and computer algorithm. Build an audience that is enraged, who can't do anything, and is comfortable with doing nothing about it. People who feel doomed, who are hyper-aware of what's going on, but they don't feel like they can do anything about it. It's done for one reason, money – it's the type of profit model that works for the Bribers. The viewers are completely absolved of getting involved, and nothing can affect real change until a large company comes to rescue them.

You see the same self-defeating of people who are into electoral politics. Media will rail about how one party didn't do enough, then the other party did too much, or whatever. All across the political spectrum, they will cater to people who are interested in electoral politics and then tell them that they shouldn't get involved, because both parties won't do anything anyways. A self-defeating form of mind control that is also a very successful money-winning strategy for the Bribers.

The biggest fallacy is that the mainstream media is the “Liberal.” This is nonsense. The term “Liberal” is used by the media to form a subliminal message of Liberal = Bad. The media industry is owned by billionaires, they skew the news in their favor using several methods to make money and maintain their power. The Corporate Media loves to mention inflation is at a forty-year high, but they rarely mention that corporate profits are at a fifty-year high. Where inflation is coming from? The greedy corporations who use Pseudo Bribes and Subliminal Seduction to persuade you. Ever wonder why when you read the financial headlines it looks like the end of the world? Bad news sells and motivates people. Making more money for the Bribers and the media while using fear to control the public.

Republicans told us that if we just let a handful of individual companies and billionaires buy most of our media, free speech information would grow and we’d have the most diverse media landscape in the world. Instead, we have the opposite, now a small group of often right-wing companies owned by billionaires control our major media/internet companies, radio and TV stations, as well as local newspapers across the country. In such a landscape, progressive voices, and anyone who disagrees with them is generally absent. The Corporate Media pundits will not do anything that goes against the advertisers' and/or the media owners' interests. Factual news is no longer a regulated requirement. Some so-called “News” organizations claim in court they are not news, instead, they are “Entertainment” companies; therefore they do not have to be responsible for their content. Then to claim to be a “News” organization when it benefits them. The ownership by right-wing billionaires doesn't support the needs of the public. The Corporate Media use a bought-off Supreme Court, polluting industries advertisers, and politicians to their benefit at the demise of the public. They have screwed up America so bad that other governments are worrying about us slipping into a Fascist Totalitarian Country.

The Corporate Media tries to make the public outraged about the high price of gas – when they know the Oil Barron's are gouging everyone. The Republican Senators filibuster so their Owners/Bribers (Oil Industry) don't have a windfall profits tax on the excess profit gouging. The last time oil was $115 a barrel the average gasoline price at the pump was $3.83, not over $5.00. The Corporate Media are using the excuse of war in Ukraine for the gas prices being high, in reality, Oil Companies are taking advantage of the situation and raising prices to an outrageous level which is hurting the American working family. Meanwhile, the Corporate Media is not going to call them out on it because then they will lose advertising income.

We're being subjected to psychological warfare by Billionaires and Corporations. A term known as “Psyops” - is defined as military operations usually aimed at influencing the enemy's state of mind through non-combative means. Many people have been radicalized and are now formally calling themselves Republicans. A new cult-like organization that appears to just want to refute reality in the truth, then promote a revolution – including arming for civil war.

This psychological warfare is accomplished by messaging a constant barrage of behavior control, information control, thought control, and emotional control on people to make them dependent and obedient. People are being radicalized through the corporate media and online to believe that the current Administration and anyone who is part of THEM is evil and needs to be exterminated or repressed. The media uses subliminal seduction messaging such as the media saying we’re “a polarized country.” Many of us believe the same things we did decades ago. What’s changed is that a major political party has gone full fascist and criminal. That is your fault because you refuse to become a fascist too, to “fix” the problem. The media understands that polarization results in better ratings and higher revenues. Reality no longer matters. The media seems to be creating a “reality” TV version of the news to keep people engaged. Too many Americans think appearing on TV makes you legit. When Trump played a successful businessman on TV, they thought he must really be one. But reality TV is not reality. People lie on TV every day. TV viewers' belief in a fantasy world is dangerous to our reality.

The mainstream media receives money by allowing Republicans to benefit from bad-faith arguments. The bought-off media doesn't cover things unless it's profitable. Conflicts make money and the Republicans manipulate the media because they know that by being bad-faith actors they add to the profits of the Bribe System. The media will have a headline or chyron saying Republican Block Cap On The Price Of Insulin For Millions” while displaying an image of a Democratic Politian who FAVORS capping the price of Insulin. The idea that they give equal weight and equal value is not true. Everyone knows it. The Republicans continually get away with lies because the media lets them for profit.

The Corporate Media wants you to believe that “the center” of the country is exactly halfway between what the extreme left wing and the extreme right-wing promote. It's not! A vast majority, some two-thirds, of this country wants a more Democratic Socialism country. “The center” is actually further to the left. They try to scare citizens with the word “socialism” by using Subliminal Seduction Messaging to make people fear the word “socialism” — that everything is going to be taken away from them, or worse yet, everything is going to be given to them for free! The term used by the Media is that everything needs to be done in a “bipartisan” manner, implying that by doing so everything is accomplished in a fair and equal manner. Bipartisan is a Red Herring term used by the Media and the Bribe System to obfuscate any issue. Then they try to scare citizens with the word “socialism” and use Subliminal Seduction Messaging to make people fear the word; that everything is going to be taken away from them, or worse yet, everything is going to be given to them for free. In fact, socialism begins the Constitution when it states “We The People...” - The People is Socialism.

Why is the United States the only country in the world that allows virtually unrestricted direct-to-consumer advertising for prescription drugs? And people wonder why in America we pay ten times more for prescriptions. Have you ever wondered why a Pharmaceutical Company advertises something you need a prescription to buy, and during the commercial put fine print you cannot read while telling you rapidly all the ways the drug will harm you? They're not selling you! They are influencing the corporate media against you.

Purdue Pharma is an example of how the Bribe System works. While paying off politicians, and the Corporate Media for “advertising,” you can get away with murder. The Sackler Family, the owners of Purdue Pharma, have made over Ten Billion Dollars in profits from OxyContin; a drug that has killed over 600,000 people. The Sackler Family knew they were deceiving the public, they knew people we being killed and they still promoted the drug. They have paid Six Billion Dollars in fines after they made Ten Billion Dollars; a Four Billion profit – not a bad deal for the Sacklers. No one has gone to jail.

The Corporate Media likes to complain that people received a little bit of aid money from the government during the COVID Pandemic. They never talk about how the Federal Reserve shot Trillions of Dollars into Wall Street (the Bribers). The media doesn't want to inform people about Corporate Welfare that far exceeds the amount given to the average citizen. When the Stock Market was crashing in March 2020 the Federal Reserve poured Trillions of Dollars into the Bribers buying assets, buying stocks, buying bonds, and buying treasury bills so that they expand the balance sheet during the coronavirus crisis. Actually, it all started in March of 2009 when the Republican Recession was causing a financial crisis. Remember the bailouts? Where did all that money go? When the stock market crashed the Federal Reserve went into action, they took extraordinary actions never taken before in history. They did the same process for the pandemic crash. The rich people got tons of money, and tons of support, way more than working-class people ever received. None of the Mult-Trillions of Dollars that went to the Billionaires was paid back to the government. But the Corporate Media screams "Oh My God" when the people received a little bit of money to feed their children and make it through the pandemic. The small amount of assistance the public received is dwarfed by the amount given to the rich Bribers. Instead, the Corporate Media portrays the average person as a “freeloader.”

Democrats don’t seem to understand that the corporate media is not their friend. It’s not their enemy, as Trump and the GOP cast it in demonizing the press. But it’s not their friend. On its best days, it’s there to inform people, but mostly the corporate media is about creating drama and making money, getting clicks and ratings. Money and profits, not news, is their innovation. The goal of the media is to drive through a narrative that keeps people fretting and clicking and watching, not informing.

Media Literacy versus Literacy. Corporate Media isn't required to tell you the truth and they are certainly not required to tell you the complete truth. Just because it's stated doesn't mean it's true. Just because it's not stated doesn't mean it's true. It is legal for Corporate Media to be fraudulent and driven by some ideological, or political agenda, or want for profit. The Corporate Media is a dog who goes to who feeds it: The dog is the media and the one feeding it is corporate advertising. The corporate media (dog) considers the advertisers (feeders) as part of their team. The Pseudo Bribe.

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