How The Media Is Corrupted.

The media is controlled by rich people called oligarchs. They use their money to control what the media shows and tells us. They own almost all types of media, like TV, newspapers, and social media. This means that they get to choose what information is given to the public. They often don't talk about important issues that might hurt their power, because they're being paid to stay quiet.

News and entertainment are now combined. The Fairness Doctrine, which made sure viewers heard different opinions, was taken away in 1987. This means that the media can now say whatever they want, even if it's not true or benefits them instead of the public. This is bad for democracy because people need accurate information to make good decisions. The media can now lie or not tell the whole truth and still pretend they're doing their job.

The media also uses sneaky techniques to influence us. Subliminal messages are hidden signals that our minds can't pick up, but they still affect us. The media can use these messages to trick us into thinking a certain way without us even knowing it. They do this because they want to make money and keep their advertisers happy. They use sensational stories to get people upset and emotional, but then make them feel hopeless so they don't try to do anything about it. This way, people keep coming back for more, and the media makes more money.

People who are into politics are also affected by the media. They hear about how one party isn't doing enough and the other is doing too much, but then they're told not to get involved because it won't change anything anyway. This is a way for the media to control people's minds and make more money. The media says they're liberal, but this is just a trick to make being liberal seem bad. In reality, the media is controlled by right-wing billionaires who only care about making money and keeping their power. They even use fear to control people by showing bad news all the time.

The media has become very limited because just a few companies and people control it. Progressive voices are often not heard, and the media only says things that the advertisers and owners want. Some "news" companies say they're not really news and don't have to be responsible for what they show, but then say they are when it's good for them. The people who control the media don't care about what the public needs. They use the government, courts, and polluting companies to their advantage and harm the public in the process. The media has messed up America so much that other countries are worried we're becoming a fascist country.

Mainstream News can be biased in different ways. Some, like Fox News, tell outright lies. Others may report mostly true information, but leave out important details to make money. These news corporations are owned by bigger companies and their owners have their own interests. They don't want certain things to be talked about. If we don't acknowledge this conflict of interest and speak out against it, our free press is at risk. The mainstream media may be afraid to talk about important issues if it affects their profits.

Broadcasters will claim they tell the truth, but they don't always give the whole truth. They avoid certain topics because it could hurt their profits. While they criticize Fox News for spreading fake news, they also play a similar game with the public.

Far-right billionaire, John Malone controls CNN. Elon Musk controls Twitter. Rupert Murdoch controls Fox News. Harlan Crow owns Justice Clarence Thomas, and Charles Koch controls the Supreme Court. Billionaires control the media, social media platforms, and online search engines.

We can make a change in America, but corruption and the lobbying system make it difficult. We need to take money out of politics and create new political systems that truly represent ordinary Americans.

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