The Scare Of Socialism.

Socialism is a term that the bribers like to use to scare people into thinking that the government is coming after everything they own. Nothing is further from the truth. But the bribers need this “Boogeyman” to accomplish their goals of obtaining as much money as they can by giving people as little money as they can.

“Socialism” means a majority of the people. Majority rule. Socialism IS Majority Rule! What the country was founded upon. The problem right now is that most people think Democracy can't happen because the politicians are bribed. We need to change that.

The Corporate Media wants you to believe that “the center” of the country is halfway between what “left-wing and the right-wing” want. It's not! A vast majority of this country wants a more Democratic Socialism country. Bribers try to scare citizens with the word “socialism” by using Subliminal Seduction Messaging to make people fear the word; that everything is going to be taken away from them, or worse yet, everything is going to be given to them for free. In fact, socialism begins the Constitution when it states “We The People...” - The People is Socialism.

The corporate media wants you to believe the country rejects Bernie Sanders, the Squad, Democratic Socialism, Black Lives Matter, and Critical Race Theory!

No! They do not! People may have been persuaded by the corporate media not to like certain people and the word socialism, but the vast majority of the country agrees with everything “Socialists” are trying to get passed in Congress:

73% of all Americans believe everyone should have paid family leave (CBS poll)

63% believe community college should be tuition-free (Pew poll)

62% believe the minimum wage should be raised to at least $15 an hour (Pew poll)

84% believe Medicare should cover hearing aids, glasses, and dental (CBS poll)

67% believe children should have access to free pre-K (CBS poll)

67% of voters say that federal voting rights legislation is necessary (Navigator poll)

61% say abortion should be legal in all or most cases (Pew poll)

67% believe campaign spending should be limited (CBS poll)

Let’s be clear: America wants help with its kids, help for their aging parents, help with reducing college debt, and Americans want Big Pharma to cut the crap by charging us $795 for a single pill. The public hates politicians saying they’re going to do something and then don’t.

Republicans cry “socialism” to scare and distract the public from the fascism they are promoting and implementing. Every single Republican in the US House and the United States Senate is all on the take from the healthcare industry and any lobbyist who will give them money. They are all on the take from the healthcare industry and virtually every industry by the right-wing billionaires who believe that socialism will make their taxes go up because they don't want to pay for it. If you're a billionaire or large corporation that pays no taxes and knows that for every dollar they give to a politician they receive back one hundred dollars in tax-free income, wouldn't you want to defend the status quo?

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