Abortion has become a hot topic that some people use to make money. They use it to stir up trouble and make people angry so they can elect politicians who will do what they want. They use this issue as a way to distract people from their real agenda, which is to not tax the rich.

While there are definitely people who feel strongly about abortion, some people take advantage of those feelings to get rich. Fifty years ago, people who considered themselves conservative didn't really have a strong opinion on abortion. But they started to oppose it when they saw that it could bring them political power and money.

Now, some extremists are trying to control what you can do with your own body. They want to take away your freedoms. They don't care about what the majority of Americans believe. Most people support having the right to make choices about their own bodies. So why shouldn't the majority have the say in this important issue?

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Republican laws are now making doctors wait until women are nearly dead before they can provide life-saving medical treatment for lethal conditions like ectopic pregnancy and incomplete miscarriages.