The Bribers have used abortion as a wedge issue, a tool to profit from the discourse. A tool in which they can wedge people against each other to benefit their income by promoting the Abortion Issue as a smoke screen to elect politicians that will do what they tell them to do. They spend money to create chaos and make people angry. Meanwhile, they are making money off of the issue by having other parts of their agenda slip through – such as don't tax the rich.

That is not to say that there are not people who have deeply held convictions on the subject of Abortion. The problem is the Bribers look to exploit those convictions, especially their religious convictions. Fifty years ago the so-called conservatives didn't really have a position on abortion. They became anti-abortion when it was realized that the issue could provide them with political and monetary gain.

The Fascists are now claiming control over your body and all your freedoms. To call the Trump Republican party and the Trump Supreme Court extreme understates the danger they pose to American freedom and to our democracy. They have contempt for what 70% of Americans believe. The numbers show there is broad support for reproductive rights. Shouldn't the majority prevail?

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Republican laws are now making doctors wait until women are nearly dead before they can provide life-saving medical treatment for lethal conditions like ectopic pregnancy and incomplete miscarriages.