Bipartisan And Both Sides.

Bipartisan is a Red Herring term used by the Media and the Bribe System to obfuscate any issue. The idea that both sides are to blame is a bogus argument. It is a way to circumvent the justification for bribing politicians. Big money pays to maintain this fallacy because it supports their buying-off politicians. The dollar amounts can't be completely substantiated because of the “dark money” in the system. It's estimated that of every dollar in “contributions” that the billionaires give out, they receive one hundred dollars back from their “gift.” The estimated ratio varies but it is widely known to be substantial.

You are led to believe that both sides take bribes and they both do it in equal amounts. You cannot do anything about it, so just accept it. The idea that both sides are equal is a fallacy. ALL Republicans take money contributions, while most Democratic Candidates don't. Do some democrats take money? Yes, but compared to Republicans they are a small amount and are being weeded out. You are led to believe that the center of the country is exactly in the middle, but it is not. Most people want a more liberal social democratic approach to government, but the media under-reports this fact. Republicans receive a vast amount of money, a huge amount, much greater than what the Democratic party candidates receive. Republican Party members must take money from big donors. If they want to achieve and stay in office Republicans must do what the big donors want. There are no equal sides.

The Bribers want you to believe that “the center” of the country is exactly halfway between what the extreme left wing and the extreme right-wing promote. It's not! A vast majority, some two-thirds, of this country wants a more Democratic Socialism country. The center” is actually further to the left. They try to scare citizens with the word “socialism” by using Subliminal Seduction Messaging to make people fear the word “socialism” — that everything is going to be taken away from them, or worse yet, everything is going to be given to them for free! In fact, socialism begins the Constitution when it states “We The People...” - The People is Socialism.

The media uses equivalency to attempt to have the public believe that both sides are equal when they are not. Claiming to be unbias when in fact being very biased. Bothsidesing and its related noun bothsidesism turn up in critiques of the news media when a journalist or pundit seems to give extra credence to a cause, action, or idea that on the surface seems objectionable, thereby establishing a sort of moral equivalence that allows said cause, action, or idea to be weighed seriously. The media uses bothsidesing to promote the Bribers' agenda. The term arises whenever a public official — or anyone with a large listening audience — equivocates about a seeming condemnation action by saying that the people on either side of that action are equally responsible for it has taken place. Bothsidesing happens prominently during times of mass protest—as protests are met with counter-protests and violent clashes erupt, turning to bothsidesism prevents one from explicitly identifying which is in the wrong, thereby avoiding any incisive comment on the discord that led to the protests in the first place.

Since 1987 when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ended the “Fairness Doctrine” we've gone to a partisan news model for money. Prior to 1987, the role of the new media was simply to present X, Y, and Z, and let people make their own decision. The media has now become cheerleaders, becoming part of the cheerleading squad that presents a one-sided view problem while claiming to be bipartisan. One of the problems has been a tendency to both sides everything. There's always this desire to say “let me try to understand what the other side is saying,” and that is a noble lofty goal. But that doesn't mean that you give equal time in trying to understand both arguments.

Corporate Media takes so much power out of the hands of citizens, people don't know what to believe. Especially when there is so much active misinformation, that is packaged very well, making it look good no matter who is promoting it. Technology allows misinformation to travel much faster and take on some very different shapes. You can't escape it. And the algorithms make it even harder for you to escape it. Social media has changed everything, suddenly anyone with a keyboard can be a reporter and convey information whether it was true or not. They flood the public with lies. It's been destructive to political dialogue, immediately the algorithms push you to people who think like you. This echo chamber of social media allows people to spread a kind of viral contagion intent to get an emotional reaction. It is a propagandist technique of confusing everything with the conspiracies of the day along with the seeds of truth coming from actual news and journalism. Taking what is real and unreal and putting a spin on it.

The American public has not been trained on how to inquire about the truth. How to figure out if what we are watching is true or not? In the world of “à la carte” reality of the things that are true, you get to pick among them what is true with a splash of things that are completely untrue. That is how they create a worldview for you. The Corporate Media, and the people who “buy them off” are making too much money from lies. When money becomes the main concern, you're going to lose trust in the news, and you're going to lose the truth.

There is only one truth. The problem is that the side with the truth and the facts want to meet the liars halfway. There is no halfway point between the truth and a lie. Are there two sides to a lie? When one person tells the truth and the other tells a lie you have to be able to distinguish between the two. Democracies don't function without a shared set of facts. If you don't agree on a shared set of facts then you can destroy democracy.

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The Problem Solvers Caucus doesn't solve problems. There is supposedly bipartisan group in the United States House of Representatives named the “Problem Solvers.” A group that claims they seek to foster bipartisan cooperation on key policy issues. The true is that they all take special interest money and the problem they solve is making sure they keep on receiving the “donations” (bribes).