Supreme Court

How The Supreme Has Made Bribery Legal.

The Supreme Court has turned into a place where you can bribe people. Six of the judges, who were chosen by Republicans, are not honest. They belong to a group called the Federalist Society and have accepted gifts from rich people and corporations. This is ruining the justice system.

Before becoming judges, these six Republicans got money from billionaires, corporations, and the Federalist Society. They are still receiving secret payments even after becoming judges. For years, the Republican judges have been breaking rules by getting involved in politics and taking money and gifts from rich people and corporations who have business with the court. Other courts have rules they have to follow, but there is no such rule for the Supreme Court. The Republican judges say that the Supreme Court is above the law and can't be stopped by Congress unless they change the Constitution.

Anyone who thinks the Supreme Court is not political is not living in reality. The six Republican judges are very political. The Supreme Court changed the rules, and now almost all the people in the House of Representatives are millionaires. There are senators who are worth tens of millions of dollars and some are even billionaires. They got rich by breaking the rules on insider trading. They know about secret business deals before the public does, so they buy stock and make a lot of money. If someone else did this, they would go to jail, but these politicians are allowed to do it. This is bad for democracy.

The Supreme Court is the best court that money can buy. The recent decisions are harmful and set a bad example for the future. Many people are wondering how we got here. The answer is simple: rich people and corporations are using their money to buy judges and influence their decisions. The founders of the country wanted the President, who was elected by the people, to choose the judges. The Republican judges were chosen by Presidents who didn't win the majority vote. The Supreme Court doesn't have to follow the Constitution or what the people want, they act like they are above the law and can do whatever they want based on their religion.

The public will never know who is giving money to the Supreme Court to make them make bad decisions. There is a secret group of rich people who are funding the court to make it conservative. They are also funding politicians and groups who are involved in important court cases. Recently, the court has made decisions that are bad for the country, like taking away women's rights to get abortions, making gun laws weaker, not doing anything about climate change, and mixing religion with the government. They also say that states have rights in some cases, but not in others.

The Republicans on the Supreme Court have made a series of decisions that allow billionaires and companies to put unlimited money into political campaigns. This is not political corruption anymore, they say money is free speech. The more money you have, the more free speech you have. This is not fair. No other developed country allows this. The Founding Fathers wanted everyone to be equal and have equal rights, not just the rich.

It takes a lot of money to fight a case in the Supreme Court, but this is not what the Founders wanted. They wanted everyone to have equal access to justice. The average person or group doesn't have millions of dollars to fight a case, only rich people and groups do. These rich people and their supporters are willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to control the court and bring cases to it. They use fake groups to write legal papers and pretend to be concerned citizens.

The Supreme Court changed the rules of the game in a bad way. They set up a "Predators Game" where rich people and corporations can buy politicians. It's like a "Pay To Play" system, where you have to bribe politicians if you want something done. The Supreme Court said that it's okay for billionaires and big companies to put lots of money into political campaigns to get what they want. But this is not allowed in other countries. It's like we're becoming a "Banana Republic."

The Supreme Court doesn't have to follow the same rules as everyone else. All the other courts, the people who make laws, and the people who make sure the laws are followed, have rules. But the Supreme Court says they have rules, but they don't. Justices on the Supreme Court can lie, cheat, and steal to get on the Court and stay there. And once they're on the Supreme Court, they think they can't be punished by the law. The people who bribed the Republican Justices on the Court used "Case Shopping" and "Court Shopping" to make the Republican Supreme Court Justices change the law. They choose a case and a friendly court, and they bring the case to the Supreme Court. They know the Republican Justices will rule in their favor and change the law.

The Supreme Court has made it legal to bribe politicians. They're written into the Constitution, but they're not always right. They're just lawyers who aren't elected to make big decisions. Why should we do what they say? They don't have any real power, they just have power because people trust them. If their decisions seem unfair or not honest, people won't trust them and they won't have any power. The Constitution wasn't meant to give all the power to the Supreme Court. The Republicans on the Court have corrupted the system by saying that corporate campaign money is like free speech and that women don't have control over their own bodies.

The Republicans on the Supreme Court say that money is the same as speech and that corporations are the same as people. But this is wrong and goes against the Constitution. We need to change the system and get rid of the Citizens United decision. People spent over $500 million to get the Republican Justices on the Supreme Court and they expect a payoff. They come up with fake ideas to make the Court do what they want. But this is making the government not work.

During the 2022 election, people spent nearly $17 billion on campaigns. But this doesn't include the secret money that was given to the Republicans. The Republicans and the media only tell you that some Democratic candidates spent more money than Republican candidates. But the Republicans actually spent ten times more money than the Democrats because of all the secret "dark money." The people gave small donations to the Democrats, but the Republicans won because they flooded the media with lies and false information.

There is no true path to justice for the individual when unconscionable corporations with vast resources are given the right to purchase government favor, allowing them to influence legislation and laws which ultimately shape a nation's social values, thereby giving themselves all the advantages over common people. In a country where corporations rule, justice is never served.

The Supreme Court is out of touch with regular people. They don't follow the Constitution anymore. They're an activist court like we've never seen before. People need to stand up and tell the government to control the Supreme Court and stop their fascist behavior. The government has the power to control the Supreme Court, and they need to use it.

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