National Debt

The National Debt.

The main reason we have a deficit and national debt is because of bribes. The rich 1% are not paying their fair share of taxes, instead, they give money in the form of bribes to politicians. These bribes are huge amounts of money, but they are only a fraction of what the rich should be paying in taxes. It's estimated that for every dollar the billionaires give in "contributions," they receive one hundred dollars back. This is a substantial ratio that varies but is widely known.

If the bribers paid their fair share, the deficit and national debt would be under control. The deficit is a red herring used by the bribers to make people think that the government is wasting money. When Republicans are in control, they run up the deficit and complain about how high it is when they are not in control. The deficit is the amount added to the debt annually, and the national debt is the accumulation of deficits.

When Reagan became president, 70% of us were in the middle class, but now it's only about 45%. People can't afford to live without going into debt, and with low wages, people can't even afford to buy houses. Millions of people have student debt that they will never be able to pay back. Reaganomics wiped out the middle class while giving money to the "rich 1%." They tell us they want to take us back to the 1980s when life was better, but that was before they stole everything from the middle class. It's ironic that they've convinced people to go back to a time before they did this, while they continue to do it to maintain the status quo.

The Corporate Media likes to complain that people getting some money from the government during the COVID Pandemic increased the National Debt. However, they never talk about how the Federal Reserve gave Trillions of Dollars to Wall Street (the Bribers). They don't want to inform people about the Corporate Welfare that far exceeds the amount given to the average citizen. In March 2020, when the Stock Market was crashing, the Federal Reserve poured Trillions of Dollars into the Bribers. They bought assets, stocks, bonds, and treasury bills to expand the balance sheet during the coronavirus crisis. It all started in March 2009 when the Republican Recession was causing a financial crisis, and the Federal Reserve took extraordinary actions that had never been taken before in history. The rich people got a lot of money and support, way more than working-class people. None of the Multi-Trillions of Dollars that went to the Billionaires is being paid back to the government. But when people were unable to feed their kids and received a small amount of assistance, the Corporate Media implied that the average person is a "freeloader."

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It's nothing to be afraid of – it is just the U.S. National Debt Clock.

Trump and the Republicans added $7.8 trillion to the debt – without passing a single landmark piece of legislation to help the American people.