How The Banks Steal From The System.

The banks are sneaky and cheat the system by bribing politicians and controlling the media. This lets them make a lot of money and when they lose money, we (the public) pay for it through the government. This is called a "bailout." In the past 20 years, the Federal Reserve, banks, and big companies have changed financial information to look better than it really is. This sends money to the top 1% of people, who keep the money even though it's not real. If something goes wrong, the government can't take the money back from the 1% who stole it from the bribing system.

The banks have convinced everyone that the Federal Reserve is a government bank, but it's actually a private bank owned by people who we don't know. We don't know how much money the owners make. The media talks about how people got money from the government during the COVID pandemic, but they don't tell us that the Federal Reserve gave trillions of dollars to Wall Street (the bribers). This is much more money than the average person got. In March 2020, when the stock market was bad, the Federal Reserve spent trillions of dollars to help the bribers by buying stocks and other things. This started in 2009 when the economy was bad and the stock market was falling. The rich got a lot of money and help, but the average person did not. The money the billionaires got from the Federal Reserve is not being paid back.

The Federal Reserve does "stress tests" on banks to see if they can keep lending money during a bad economy. But, the Federal Reserve does not do a stress test on itself to see if it is solvent. This is just a way for banks to make more money for their investors. Banks get fined for breaking the law, but the fines are not a big deal because the banks make billions of dollars. Bank executives never go to jail for breaking the law, it's just part of the bribing system.

People who go to college have a lot of debt that they can't pay off and can't get rid of in bankruptcy. This is because the financial system is unfair and the banks make a lot of money from student loans. America is the only country where students have to take out loans to pay for college and it's hurting the middle class. Rich kids don't have student loan debt, so there's no need to worry about paying for their education.

The banks are involved in elections by giving money to politicians who will help them keep cheating the system. A group called "Friends of Traditional Banking" is a super PAC that raises unlimited money from people and companies. They use the money to help mostly Republican candidates get elected by giving them money and running ads for them. This is happening even though the banks are making a lot of money already.

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