Health Care

The Health Care Industries.

Healthcare is a means for the bribers to scam the public and make more money. They've made our Healthcare System the most expensive in the world and are willing to sacrifice our lives for their money.

The bribing republicans told us we should hand all our healthcare decisions over to the insurance companies. Not to our doctors and ourselves to make the decision, but to bureaucratic insurance industry middlemen who would decide which of our doctor’s suggestions they’d approve and which they’d reject. They said this will “lower costs and increase choice.” It doesn't! In the entire developed world — all the OECD countries on 4 continents — there are 500,000 medical bankruptcies a year. Every single one of them is here in America. You go broke if you get sick in America by the current system.

The United States is the only major country on Earth that does not guarantee healthcare for old people. Some 60,000 old people die each year because they were denied the healthcare procedures they needed. We have the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs and a pharmaceutical industry that bribes politicians. There are over 1,500 paid lobbyists in Washington DC to make sure that in some cases we pay ten times more for the medicine America needs.

Purdue Pharma is an example of how the Bribe System works. While paying off politicians, and the Corporate Media for “advertising,” you can get away with murder. The Sackler Family, the owners of Purdue Pharma, have made over Ten Billion Dollars in profits from OxyContin; a drug that has killed over 600,000 people. The Sackler Family knew they were deceiving the public, they knew people we being killed and they still promoted the drug. They have paid Six Billion Dollars in fines after they made Ten Billion Dollars; a Four Billion profit – not a bad deal for the Sacklers. No one has gone to jail.

The United States is the only country in the world that allows virtually unrestricted direct-to-consumer advertising for prescription drugs.

Despite raking in record profits in 2019 and remaining profitable even during the COVID-19 pandemic, in part because of taxpayer-funded COVID relief, insurance companies and hospitals nationwide have largely ignored the rules from Health and Human Services (HHS). The insurance industry and hospitals, particularly hospital chains with market power, are key drivers of sky-high healthcare costs in the United States. Medical claims paid to hospitals and the private insurance industry ran 175% to 400% of the Medicare rate for the same care. While consumers can aid enforcement efforts by submitting a complaint to CMS if a hospital or insurance company is not in compliance with federal rules. The mechanism is ineffective. Less than 10% are aware they can file a complaint, and even fewer file a complaint that can take years to resolve while their credit score is impacted negatively.

The United States is the only developed country in the world that spends twice as much money per capita every year on healthcare. Over a trillion dollars more than any other country and actually receives worse outcomes. We are the only country in the world where there is a bloated insurance industry sucking the money out of the system. Over five hundred thousand Americans go bankrupt every year because of medical bills – America is the only country where this happens. We're the only country in the world where pharmaceutical prices are tens of times higher than anywhere else in the world. The reason for the high costs is that the Supreme Court legalized bribery – they created the Bribe System. There is an absolutely mind-boggling amount of money floating around between industry, government, and politicians that eventually lands in the pockets of billionaires.

The OpenSecrets Organization reports the amount the healthcare industry spent bribing congress in 2021 was $689,466,798. That is money given to Congress Members and Senators for favors. In 2020 the amount the industry extracted from us was $543 Billion Dollars. This is money that has been stolen from the American people and our economy.

The Bribe System also costs lives. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) published in June 2022 estimates “that a single-payer universal healthcare system would have saved about 212,000 lives in 2020.” They also report that an expected $438 billion dollars can be saved per year by having single-payer universal healthcare during a non-pandemic year.

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According to Open Secrets, the amount spent just last year bribing Congress to keep our healthcare system in place was $689,466,798.00. Almost three-quarters of a billion dollars.

There are about 40,000,000,000 reasons the US will never have universal healthcare. Six of the top health insurance companies had combined profits of about $40 BILLION in 2021.

The country's biggest 7 health insurers have had a greedy first 6 months of 2022. Their profits (largely subsidized by taxpayer dollars) have made their Wall Street masters exceedingly happy. Their bribing of politicians has allowed the Big 7 to amass an outsize market share in the Medicare Advantage and PBM markets.

The country's biggest health insurers made $43.8 billion in profits from January to June 2022, and they took in $620.6 billion in revenue – much of it from taxpayers!

Complaints about aggressive marketing tactics and other illegal issues connected with the private Medicare Advantage plans are surging. September 8, 2022.