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The healthcare system in America is very expensive, and some people believe that it's designed to make money for those in charge. They say that politicians have been bribed to give more power to insurance companies instead of letting doctors and patients make decisions about our health. The idea was that this would make things cheaper and give people more options, but it hasn't worked out that way.

Unlike other countries, America doesn't guarantee healthcare for elderly people, and thousands of them die every year because they couldn't afford the treatments they needed. Prescription drugs are also very expensive in America, and pharmaceutical companies have been accused of bribing politicians to keep prices high. One company, Purdue Pharma, made billions of dollars selling a drug called OxyContin, even though they knew it was dangerous and many people died because of it. The owners of the company have paid billions of dollars in fines, but nobody has gone to jail for what they did.

One thing that's different about America's healthcare system is that drug companies are allowed to advertise directly to consumers, which is not allowed in most other countries.

Insurance companies and hospitals in the United States have been breaking the rules set by Health and Human Services, which is supposed to help keep healthcare costs low. Despite making record profits in recent years, these companies have been charging much more than they should for medical care. This is a big problem because healthcare costs in the United States are much higher than in any other developed country, and many people end up going bankrupt because of medical bills.

One reason for these high costs is that the healthcare industry is allowed to give money to politicians in exchange for favors, which is known as the Bribe System. In 2021, the healthcare industry spent almost $700 million on bribes, and in 2020, they took over $500 billion from the American people. This system not only costs a lot of money, but it also costs lives. A recent study found that if the United States had a single-payer universal healthcare system, over 200,000 lives could have been saved in 2020, and we could save almost $440 billion every year.

The reason for the high costs is that the Supreme Court legalized bribery – they created the Bribe System. There is an absolutely mind-boggling amount of money floating around between industry, government, and politicians that eventually lands in the pockets of billionaires.

The OpenSecrets Organization reports the amount the healthcare industry spent bribing congress in 2021 was $689,466,798. That is money given to Congress Members and Senators for favors. In 2020 the amount the industry extracted from us was $543 Billion Dollars. This is money that has been stolen from the American people and our economy.

The Bribe System also costs lives. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) published in June 2022 estimates “that a single-payer universal healthcare system would have saved about 212,000 lives in 2020.” They also report that an expected $438 billion dollars can be saved per year by having single-payer universal healthcare during a non-pandemic year.

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According to Open Secrets, the amount spent just last year bribing Congress to keep our healthcare system in place was $689,466,798.00. Almost three-quarters of a billion dollars.

There are about 40,000,000,000 reasons the US will never have universal healthcare. Six of the top health insurance companies had combined profits of about $40 BILLION in 2021.

The country's biggest 7 health insurers have had a greedy first 6 months of 2022. Their profits (largely subsidized by taxpayer dollars) have made their Wall Street masters exceedingly happy. Their bribing of politicians has allowed the Big 7 to amass an outsize market share in the Medicare Advantage and PBM markets.

The country's biggest health insurers made $43.8 billion in profits from January to June 2022, and they took in $620.6 billion in revenue – much of it from taxpayers!

Complaints about aggressive marketing tactics and other illegal issues connected with the private Medicare Advantage plans are surging. September 8, 2022.