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The bribers do not want everyone to vote. They want only the élite to vote. If everyone votes then they will not be in charge. That is why they make voting so difficult. The bribes to the politicians keep those in charge still in charge. This is accomplished through several methods such as Voter Nullification and Voter Purging.

We have a corrupt political system where anyone who has the money to bribe politicians can start a Super PAC. Politicians can start their own Super PAC to take bribes. Super PACs help fund campaigns to the point that have unlimited amounts of money to elect candidates. It is an absurd situation with Super PACs frequently spending more money than the candidates themselves.

This rape and pillage by the bribing oligarchs have to be defeated, and voting is the only way to fix it. Time for publicly funded elections with “NO Private funding” to stop the control of who can afford to run. Stop the corruption of our Government and our Judicial appointments. These self-serving crooks have to be jailed, not rewarded.

The bribers are paying to rig elections through several methods: Gerrymandering, cross-checking, voter nullification, voter purging, suppressing the vote, and making voting difficult.

Gerrymandering is when the Bribers draw the election district's lines so that the politicians pick the voters instead of the voters picking the politicians. It is a violation of the principle of equal representation, which demands that an equal number of voters be represented by an equal number of representatives.

Cross Checking is states sharing their voter lists and eliminating similar names based on ethnicity.

Voter Nullification is the voiding of voting results because of procedural violations.

Voter Purging is an often-flawed process of cleaning up voter rolls by deleting names from registration lists.

Voter Suppression is a strategy used to influence the outcome of an election by discouraging or preventing specific groups of people from voting.

Voter Caging was illegal, the Supreme Court now has ruled that it is legal. It's challenging the registration status of voters (usually based on being a minority) by sending deceptive mail looking like “junk mail” that most people will throw away. Then the unreturned mail is seen as proof that the person no longer resides at the address on their voter registration. When the people show up to vote they are denied to vote and told they are not registered.

Provisional ballots are not being counted. In elections in the United States, the law requires that if someone insists they have a right to vote they be given a “provisional ballot” to record a vote. What most voters aren't aware of is that it is not required that a provisional ballot be counted. The voter thinks their vote was counted when in fact it wasn't counted.

Making Voting Difficult is a method to make it hard to vote in a specific area by eliminating voting locations, time for voting, using defective voting machines, making people wait in long lines, and the such.

Democrats somehow managed to get the most votes and lose elections. When they lose it could be argued that today Democrats are too weak, too fragile, too woke, to a latest disconnected from the realities of working Americans. And yet the Democratic party is the world's last best hope against fascism. Against an extreme autocratic anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-contraception, anti-freedom collection of fascists who dominate the right-wing of today's Republican party. A group of fascists even refused to investigate the violent riots that their president launched on January 6th to overthrow a legitimately elected president.

Republicans now attempting to infest the vote counters with people who are partisan, something that we have never really seen before threatening our democracy. Making it harder for people to vote and easier to subvert the election results. Republicans are refusing to count ballots when they know they have lost to prevent the Democratic candidate from taking office. When ordered by the court to count the ballots they defy the court, breaking the law, and pay no consequences. Part of the Republican plan is to have Governors and Secretary of States who will simply refuse to sign election certificates if a Democratic candidate wins – not allow the person to take office.

The Senate is not democratic. There are 21 states that have 42 senators with a total population equal to California which has only 2 senators. Right now the Republicans have fifty senators representing 43 million fewer Americans than the fifty Democrats. That is not Democracy. We've had four presidents in this century elected with less of the popular vote, all Republicans. Because of the anarchic thing called “The Electoral College,” the result of the Electoral College is that all of the focus for advertising and electioneering around presidential elections every year is on the so-called swing States. Five to seven states determine the fate of America and the rest of America gets ignored. There are several states that because of gerrymandering have a population that is a majority of Democrats but is Republicans controlled. Not doing the will of the majority. This is not what a Democracy should be. We need elections that are fair and where the majority of the vote wins.

For all the Democratic party's flaws, it is the only party that can stand up to the continued rise of fascism. Democrats need to win in an overwhelming majority to protect our rights, and our freedoms, and just may save our country.

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This Report by a highly distinguished group of conservatives leaves no doubt that not even a single precinct in America was flawed by fraud during the 2020 Election.

The Republican Party has now introduced over 300 pieces of legislation and passed dozens designed to make it more difficult for American citizens to participate in the process of selecting their representatives, the core function of a democratic republic.