Guns For Hire.

It's clear that the Gun Industry is a major player in the bribery system. This means that politicians are being paid off, so they don't protect ordinary people from crazy people with guns. This has created a "Gun Culture" in America. This culture is made up of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors about guns and how they should be used by regular people. Even though the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution supposedly protects people's right to own guns, it was originally intended to protect the right to form a militia, not have a standing army.

Most people agree that there's a problem with guns in America and we need to regulate them. Unfortunately, the gun lobby's bribes and the Senate filibuster are stopping us from making sensible gun violence prevention laws, including a ban on assault weapons. Some people on the political right say that banning assault weapons doesn't work, but the evidence shows that gun massacres went down 37% when we had a ban, and they went up 183% when it was lifted. It's time to reinstate the ban.

The easy availability of guns also leads to a problem called "Stochastic Terrorism." This means that people are being demonized in public, which makes it more likely that someone will commit a violent act, even though no one is specifically telling them to. Instead, the people who want to cause terrorism are trying to activate "Lone Wolves," people they don't know, to come out of hiding and start killing people. They need military-style weapons to do this.

Here are just some of the Senators bankrolled by the NRA:

Mitt Romney: $13,648,000

Richard Burr: $6,987,000

Roy Blunt: $4,556,000

Thom Tillis: $4,421,000

Marco Rubio: $3,303,000

Joni Ernst: $3,125,000

Josh Hawley: $1,392,000

Mitch McConnell: $1,267,000

All the politicians mentioned in this example are Republicans, but they're not the only ones taking money from the Gun Lobby. If we could count all the "Dark Money" and "Gifts" that politicians receive, we would see just how much money is involved.

Some people misunderstand the Second Amendment to the Constitution. It says "A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." This means that the right to bear arms is connected to having a well-regulated militia, not for individuals to have guns. Armories were built in towns for the Arms, in case of a foreign invasion.

Some people on the political right twist the Second Amendment to mean that they can form a militia by themselves, without any government oversight. That's not true. The Constitution says Congress has the power to call for a militia to defend the Union and to provide rules, arms, and training for them. It's not okay for anyone to buy a gun like an AR-15 without proper training and then use it to hurt people. The Constitution never intended for people to use guns to fight against the government. That's just crazy.

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Talking Points Information

In 2022 guns became the number one cause of death in children. Children are afraid to go to school because of Gun Violence.

In 1994 Assault Weapons Were Banned. The ban was ended in 2004. During those ten years mass shooting was down, since the ban was lifted mass shooting have tripled.

The United States has the largest number of gun related deaths per capita than any other nation.

America has 4% of the world's population and 46% of the number of guns worldwide.

Four hundred million guns (400,000,000) in civilian possession in American - more than one gun per person.