The Modern Republicans.

Whether you like it or not, many people who give or receive bribes belong to the Republican Party. A small number of rightwing billionaires today run the Republican Party, and, according to a new study, 27 of them basically own the GOP. However, this doesn't mean they believe in traditional Republican values. Instead, they're focused on accumulating as much money and power as possible for themselves. To do this, they often deceive Americans who still believe in the original values of the Republican party.

Some people think that the Republican party has gone crazy, but in reality, they've been moving towards fascism for the past 62 years. They've been breaking the law to benefit themselves. Since Barry Goldwater's 1960 campaign, Republican politicians have criticized the big government in the United States. However, this is just another lie, like Reagan's claim that cutting taxes for rich people would benefit poor people or his belief that destroying labor unions would increase wages for workers.

Many uninformed Republicans have become pawns for organizations like the John Birch Society, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Koch family, who have created a wealth gap since the 1972 Powell Memorandum to the Chamber of Commerce. This agenda was adopted by Republicans under "Tricky Dick" Nixon, who was insecure and fearful.

Income inequality caused the Robber Baron era, the Great Depression, and the 2007 financial crisis. If you're a Republican, don't act like one if you don't truly believe in the values. Only a small portion of the richest people in society are actually Republicans, and they're using everyday Republicans to maintain their lifestyles.

Since the time of President Reagan, the Republican Party has been taking money away from the middle class. An enormous amount of fifty trillion dollars has been moved from the pockets of middle and working-class people into the hands of the top 1%. They said that it would make society more stable and that it would be good for you if the rich got richer. They also said that some of the money would trickle down to you. But that didn't happen.

If you work for an hourly wage, use your hands or tools in your job, and make less than $100,000.00 a year with assets of less than $750,000.00, you are not a Republican. If you voted for a Republican in the last 50 years, you may be part of the problem. You need to study how the Bribers are stealing your American Dream.

The modern Republican Party doesn't believe in compromising. They're too afraid that their base will think they're weak if they do. If a politician takes bribes, they have to take the position that "it's my way or the highway" to keep getting the money and stay in office. In 1976, the Republican Party adopted Jude Wanniski's "Two Santa Clauses" plan. Here's how it works: First, when Republicans are in control of the White House, they must spend money like crazy and cut taxes to run up the national debt as fast and as high as possible. This makes people think that Republicans can make the economy good and that they're the ones who cut taxes. Second, when a Democrat is in the White House, Republicans must panic about the national debt and say that we need to cut spending to solve the crisis. They'll even shut down the government or crash the stock market if they have to. This will force the Democrats to cut their own social safety net programs and even Social Security. In the end, it's the welfare of the American people that suffer.

Since the 1980s, the GOP has been advocating for big government. Recently, some Republicans in Congress even called for martial law to stop Joe Biden's inauguration. The Republican Party has been lying about election fraud and building a foundation for martial law and fascism in the US for three generations. Trump and his supporters should be held accountable for their actions.

The GOP could easily use this fascist strategy to seize control of the government and declare martial law in the future. Republicans won't be satisfied until they have enough power to stay in control indefinitely.

After Trump's election, he put corrupt people in charge of important government agencies. These people were lobbyists and billionaires who were only interested in profiting from their positions. Trump also brought criminals and fascists into the government. The only major piece of legislation Republicans passed was a corrupt tax cut for the wealthy. Additionally, Republicans won't pass gun control legislation because they receive money from the gun industry.

after seizing control of the House, Senate, and White House in the 2016 sweep, powered in large part by Trump’s anti-corruption promises, the Republican Party took a cue from the fascist playbook:

Trump assembled the most corrupt Cabinet in US history: five different agencies’ inspectors general referred their cabinet officer heads to the US Justice Department for criminal prosecution.

Attorney General Barr was so corrupt that he ignored those referrals, and then lied about and concealed from the American people the results of Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s multiple connections to and assistance from Russia.

Trump put a fossil fuel lobbyist in charge of the Interior Department.

The Environmental Protection Agency was taken over by Andrew Wheeler, a coal lobbyist.

The Transportation Department was run by Mitch McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, whose family is worth hundreds of millions of dollars from their Taiwan-based shipping business…that’s regulated by the Transportation Department.

Wilbur Ross, the billionaire Forbes Magazine called a “grifter,” was put in charge of the Commerce Department, giving him access to piles of profitable inside information.

Trump brought criminals and fascists like Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn into the heart of our political system.

Republicans in the House and Senate passed only one consequential piece of legislation during Trump’s entire four years in office, and that was an insanely corrupt $2.5 trillion tax cut for the billionaire oligarchs who own the Party.

Republicans refuse to pass legislation to control our epidemic of gun violence because they’re taking money from the gun industry.

The defense department is too big and wasteful because of bribery. Money is being given to defense contractors and executives who are only interested in lining their pockets, and not improving national security. These contractors are cheating taxpayers out of billions of dollars by charging exorbitant prices for supplies, sometimes a thousand times more than they should. There is no transparency in the procurement process and only a few companies are allowed to charge whatever they want. The system needs to be completely overhauled, but Republicans won't let it happen because they receive money from these contractors.

Republicans also refuse to do anything about drug prices because they're paid by the pharmaceutical industry, and they block regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions because they're owned by the fossil fuel industry. They also won't improve food safety despite the growing problem of deadly food-borne illnesses because they're influenced by Big Ag. They continue to protect the big banks that caused the 2008 financial crisis and refuse to hold them responsible for their actions.

Republicans use scare tactics like crying "socialism" to distract the public from the fascism they promote. Every Republican in Congress is on the take from lobbyists, especially the healthcare industry, and they only care about protecting the interests of billionaires and large corporations who don't want to pay their fair share of taxes.

The Republican Party has been taken over by a dangerous group who believes in fascism. They follow a made-up religion called QAnon and have a military made up of White Supremacist Militias. They control many internet and right-wing media organizations and are getting ready to go to war against Democracy.

For the past forty years, Reaganomics has destroyed the American education system. The middle class in America is burdened with massive student debt, which is unique to America compared to other developed countries. While some people have managed to pay off their loans, many are struggling with excessive interest and fees. It's unfair that people who aren't wealthy have to take out loans to get an education, which they then have to pay back with such high interest rates. Some argue that if student loan debt is forgiven, it would benefit rich people as well. But rich people don't have student debt because they don't need loans to pay for education.

Since the 1980s, there has been a big problem with the middle class in the United States. A lot of people are struggling to make ends meet, and it's only getting worse. The Reagan Revolution and Reaganomics are to blame for this. The top 1% of rich people have taken $50 trillion away from the middle class, leaving people without anything. Many are working two jobs just to make enough money to get by. Back in the 1980s, people thought they would be doing better than their parents, but now things are much worse. People are turning to violence and blaming immigrants and black people for their problems, but that's not the real issue. The problem is with the Republican neoliberal policies of the last 40 years. They're the ones who are responsible for the destruction of the middle class.

Many people are in debt and can't afford to live. Wages are low, and people can't even afford to buy houses. Millions of people have student debt that they'll never be able to pay back. The Republican Reaganomics has wiped out the middle class while giving money to the 1% rich. They tell you they want to take things back to the 1980s when life was better, which was before they stole everything from the middle class. It's ironic that they've convinced people to go back to a time before they did this to you, while they are doing this to you, to keep the status quo.

Republicans want to get rid of the agencies that protect people from harm, such as the Regulatory Agencies. They want to deconstruct the Administrative State because they are in the pocket of big-money Bribers who don't care about the well-being of the public.

The Republican Party has shifted its focus from prioritizing the well-being of the country to prioritizing financial gain through neoliberalism. This shift has resulted in the creation of "model legislation" that does not benefit the people. Today, almost every member of the Republican Caucus in the House of Representatives is a millionaire, a stark difference from forty years ago when members were average working Americans. This is because Reagan changed the rules of the game and the Supreme Court allowed insider trading laws to exempt politicians, allowing them to become rich. This is harmful to our democracy.

Looking at the last fifty years of data from sources like Politico, Bloomberg, and the United States Department of Labor, it appears that the Democrats have performed much better than the Republicans. The Republicans were in control for 28 years during this time, while the Democrats were in control for 22 years. Here are the results: The Democrats achieved a 992% stock market return, compared to the Republican's 109%. The Democrats created 42 million jobs, while the Republicans created 24 million. The middle-class income growth was 2.2% under Democrats, but only 0.6% under Republicans. Finally, the Democrat's GDP growth rate was 4.1%, while the Republican's was only 2.7%.

As of October 2022:

The top ten most dangerous states to live in are Republican-run states:

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Republicans vote NO on the Gas Price Gouging Prevention Act. 203 House Republicans voted No to lowering gas prices. All the Senate Republicans are voting to keep gas prices high by filibustering S.3920.

Republican plan to take away your rights, eliminate Social Security and develop a Totalitarian State.

Trump ONLY passed 1 major piece of legislation in 4 years. Tax cuts for the top 1%.

Republicans have only won the popular vote ONCE since 1988.

Republicans have won the Presidency THREE times since 1988 because of the Electoral College.

Not a single Republican in Congress voted to cap seniors’ prescription drug expenses at $2,000 per year.

Republicans' 2022 scheme to increase taxes on the middle class and to kill Social Security & Medicare.

Steven Mnuchin funneled $500B of PPP Covid relief loans. Giving millions to himself, Jared Kushner, Trump's Super PAC, Devin Nunes, Betsy DeVos, Kanye West, Tom Brady, and $334K to Moscow Mitch’s wife Elaine Chao.

2022 Republican Study Committee plan to fleece the middle-class called Reclaiming Our Fiscal Future.