Culture War

The Culture War.

The people who give bribes want us to argue about culture instead of important issues. When we fight about meaningless things, the bribe givers get to take advantage of us. They want us to be distracted by nonsense instead of fixing real problems. The best way to solve problems is to stop bribery altogether. The more we fight about nothing, the less the bribe givers have to worry about getting caught breaking the law. When you see scary news stories about money, it's usually just a way to make the bribe givers more money and scare us.

The "Culture War" is causing violence to help the bribe givers stay in charge. "Stochastic terrorism" is when people say bad things about a group of people and try to get other people to hurt them, without telling anyone to do anything specific. They want to make "lone wolves" come out and start hurting people. The right-wing politicians who take bribes often say that some other group is in control of the government, like Jewish people, black people, or Muslims. They might also hint at supporting violent groups of white supremacists. They try to make us scared and angry so that we won't fight back against the bribers. This is called Stochastic Terrorism.

There is only one truth. The problem is that the people who tell lies want the people who tell the truth to meet them halfway. But there's no middle ground between truth and lies. In a democracy, we need to agree on the same facts. If we don't, democracy can fail. Sometimes lies are more powerful than the truth, especially when they are presented in an entertaining way, like on social media. Right now, there is a struggle between people who want the world to be fair and people who want to keep the power to themselves. The culture wars are causing people to be hurt and killed. The right-wing politicians who take bribes try to make us scared and angry so that we won't fight back against them. The grievance fear and hatred that is peddled by the right is what fuels the hatred.

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A Southern Poverty Law Center poll from April 2022 found nearly 70 percent of Republican voters believe in the Great Replacement Theory, and the Cato Institute finds that more than 7 in 10 Trump supporters think that “discrimination against whites has become as big a problem as discrimination against Blacks and other minorities.