About Disinformation.

The Billionaires and Corporations who give bribes want to keep everyone in the dark. They want people to be uneducated so that they can't make good choices. That way, people will do what the leaders tell them to do. Without lies and fake news, the bribery system wouldn't work.

The big news companies like to complain that regular people got a little bit of money from the government during the COVID Pandemic. But they never talk about how the Federal Reserve gave trillions of dollars to rich people on Wall Street (the people who give bribes). They don't want to tell you about the huge amount of money that the rich get compared to regular people. When the stock market crashed in March 2020, the Federal Reserve gave the rich lots of money to buy things like stocks, bonds, and treasury bills. This helped them during the coronavirus crisis. This all started back in March of 2009, during the financial crisis. The rich people got lots of money and support, way more than regular people. But when regular people needed help, the news companies said they were "freeloaders."

It's important to know that news companies don't have to tell you the truth. They can be dishonest and have their own reasons for saying what they say. The news companies are like a dog, and the people who advertise with them are like the ones who feed the dog. The news companies see the advertisers as part of their team. This causes problems because the news companies don't want you to know about how the advertisers got us into this situation.

The middle class has been getting smaller in the United States since the 1980s, because of changes in the government's policies. Lots of money has gone to the richest 1% of people, while regular people have lost everything. Some people are working two jobs just to get by. They thought they would be doing better than their parents, but they're actually doing worse. So when things get bad, they listen to people who blame others for their problems. They don't realize that the real problem is the people who give bribes and the government policies that hurt regular people. The more unhappy people are, the easier it is for the news companies and the people who give bribes to control them.

Right now, one of the biggest threats to our democracy is disinformation. Almost every big issue we talk about has two sides: the truth, and a lie that's being spread around. This makes it really hard to have productive conversations and come to agreements. Media outlets that are funded by rich and powerful people (we call them "Bribers") make this problem even worse by using lies to make more money and gain more power. With all this disinformation going around, it's becoming harder and harder to figure out what's true and what's not.

But there's only one truth. Sometimes, the people who have the truth and the facts try to compromise with people who are lying. But you can't compromise between the truth and a lie – it doesn't work that way. Without a shared set of facts, democracy can't function properly. The problem is that some people are so passionate about their lies that it's hard to convince them of the truth.

It's also complicated because news and entertainment are starting to blend together, and social media makes it even harder to tell fact from fiction. We're living in a time where the traditional power structure is changing, and some people who used to be on top are feeling threatened. This is causing what we call "culture wars," where people with different beliefs are fighting against each other. Unfortunately, some people are using fear and hate to stir up this conflict, and that's leading to violence.

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