About Disinformation.

The bribers want people to be misinformed. The more uneducated people are the more likely that they cannot make a proper decision, and so the people will follow the dictates of the leadership. Without disinformation, the bribe system couldn't exist.

The Corporate Media likes to complain that people got a little bit of money from the government during the COVID Pandemic. They never talk about how the Federal Reserve shot Trillions of Dollars to Wall Street (the Bribers). They don't want to inform people about the Corporate Welfare that far exceeds the amount given to the average citizen. When the Stock Market was crashing in March 2020 the Federal Reserve poured Trillions of Dollars into the Bribers buying assets, buying stocks, buying bonds, and buying treasury bills so that they expand the balance sheet during the coronavirus crisis. Actually, it all started in March of 2009 when the Republican Recession was causing a financial crisis – remember the bailouts. The stock market crashed which is why the Federal Reserve went into action, they shut down the treasury and took extraordinary actions never taken in history. The rich people got tons of money and tons of support, way more than working-class people. None of the Mult-Trillions of Dollars that went to Billionaires is being paid back to the government. But, oh my God, when people were unable to feed their kids and were given small amounts of public assistance the Corporate Media cried that the average person is a “freeloader.”

Media Literacy versus Literacy. Corporate Media isn't required to tell you the truth and they are certainly not required to tell you the complete truth. Just because it's stated doesn't mean it's true. Just because it's not stated doesn't mean it's true. It is legal for Corporate Media to be fraudulent and driven by some ideological, or political agenda or want for profit. The Corporate Media is a dog who goes to who feeds it: The dog is the media, and the one feeding it is corporate advertising. The corporate media (dog) considers the advertisers (feeders) as part of their team. The pseudo bribe.

The media doesn't want you to know how their advertisers got us here. The middle-class demise has been happening in the United States pretty aggressively since the 1980s, since the Reagan Revolution. As the middle class has gotten wiped out by Reaganomics. Fifty trillion dollars have flowed to the top 1% from the Middle Class. People are losing their lives. Losing their economic livelihood. Losing their families. Losing their income. Losing everything. People work two jobs just to make ends meet. They thought back in the eighties that they would be doing better than their parents, and now they're doing worse. Their children are doing worse than they are. So what do they do? They turn to violence. They listen to right-wingers who tell them; it's because black people are taking what they deserve. Or it's because of those immigrants flooding across the border with their hordes of children. We need a wall to stop them. They don't realize that a wall is a scapegoat to fool them. They don't realize that they've been screwed by Reagan and the Republican neoliberal policies of the last 40 years. So then come along demagogues saying “the government is still trying to control you.” It's not the fault of the Republicans that you're broke. It's not the fault of the 1% rich in the United States who have become richer by stealing from the Middle Class. They tell you it's the government bureaucrats who are trying to sedate you and keep you down when in reality it is the Bribers who are doing it. The more atomized and unhappy American society becomes the easier it is for the Media and Bribers to control.

Disinformation may be the most serious threat right now to the health and vibrancy of our democracy. At the heart of just about every major issue that is talked about there is the truth, and also a lie being propagated. The disinformation to the truth makes far worse the broadening partisan political divide. The media outlets funded by the Bribers increase the divide in the country to gain more money and power. The amount of disinformation out in the public has made talking about information harder and harder.

Information has become a partisan issue. It's the classic dictator/authoritarian ruse to accuse the other guy of exactly what you are doing, and when the other guy accuses you of something. you call it propaganda. That's why the word disinformation itself has become problematic. People on the right believe that the big lie is a partisan issue, so when the big lie is discussed they scoff it off as just another partisan issue. It's easy to rally around disinformation because one man's disinformation could be another man's truth. We see it all the time now.

There is only one truth. Part of the problem is that the side with the truth and the facts want to meet the Liars halfway. There is no halfway point between the truth and a lie. Are there two sides to a lie? When one person tells the truth and the other tells a lie you have to be able to distinguish between the two. Democracies don't function without a shared set of facts. If you don't agree on a shared set of facts then you can destroy democracy.

The passion behind lies can be stronger than the passion behind the truth. It has become complicated where news and entertainment have blurred. And the complexities of social media and the like. We have an ideological moment. A world where white men rule supreme is collapsing and they have to defend themselves. The culture wars are the context for the mass shootings. The grievance fear and hatred that is peddled by the right is what fuels the hatred.

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