Using Racism To Divide Us.

The people who use bribery to get what they want are using racism to split us apart. They make white people, mostly men, think that people who aren't white are trying to take away their rights. This makes us fight each other, and they can make more money from our fighting. These bribe-takers are using race to trick white people who are easily fooled.

Back in 1963, these bribe-takers learned that if they tell the poorest white man that he's better than the richest black man, they can steal from him all day long. This has been happening in the United States since the 1600s. White people wanted to say they were better than black people so they could enslave them, and then later keep them separate until the 1950s and 1960s.

In the 1960s, the Republicans in the south started accepting white racism, and this led to the conservative movement we see today. In 1976 and 1978, the supreme court allowed political bribery, which let rich people buy politicians. These rich people found out that one of the best ways to steal from us is to make us fight with each other. This has led to political groups, mostly on the right, that want us to hate and fear each other. Conservative media wants you to be angry at "those people" taking everything from you, so they make you upset and scared about everything.

We are now hearing from racists and Nazis who are openly expressing their hateful views, and many of them are Republicans who were once considered unacceptable in our society. The political conversations in America have not been this violent and full of conflict since the Civil War. The reason for this can be traced back to the Supreme Court's decision, which allowed wealthy individuals to use their money to influence politics.

Some companies pretend to support social justice by using the "Black Lives Matter" hashtag in their advertisements. However, they are mistreating their black and brown workers in their warehouses. These companies are actively working to stop unions from forming and are even using racial slurs against their workers. This shows that these Briber Companies do not genuinely support social justice.

The Briber's political speeches cause violence. They say that someone else is controlling the government, which makes people upset. They might say that Jewish people, black people, Muslim people, or anyone who is not white or Christian is controlling the government. This can make people think that white supremacist groups are right. They go on TV and talk about how the government is doing bad things to you. This is an invitation to Stochastic Terrorism.

Stochastic Terrorism is when someone is trying to make people angry enough to hurt someone, but they don't say who or when. They just want to make people upset enough to do something violent. This is dangerous because they are trying to get "Lone Wolves" to do something violent, and they don't know who these people are. They want to make these people come out and hurt others.

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There’s a worldwide movement toward race-based autocracy (aka fascism) with which the GOP has aligned itself. With big money from right wing billionaires and corporations, and the support of an explicitly white supremacist media machine. Republicans have passed 34 laws in 18 states restricting the right of minority citizens to vote.

The last time the Voting Rights Act was voted upon: All Senate Republicans and 95% of the Republican Congressmen voted AGAINST voting rights.