Using Racism To Divide Us.

The bribers use racism as a way to divide people. They play on white people (mostly men) that anyone not white is trying to take their rights from them. This is done to be decisive, then they can divide and conquer to make more money. The bribers are using race as a wedge issue to deceive gullible white people.

The bribers learned back in 1963 that if you tell the lowest white man that he's higher than the highest black man, he'll let you pick his pocket all day long. Since the 1600s in the United States, there has been an attempt by white people to characterize themselves as Superior to black people. First to justify enslaving black people, and then to justify living in a separate segregated state all the way up to the 1950s and 1960s.

The Republicans' willingness to embrace white racism in the south during the 1960s began the current white evangelical conservatism process. The real problem happened in 1976 and 1978 when the supreme Court embraced political bribery. At that point, you had some fossil fuel billionaires and very wealthy people who started buying politicians, and what they found is that one of the most effective ways to rob us all blind was to keep us fighting with each other. So you now have political systems, most of them on the right, that are devoted to instigating hate and fear. Conservative media wants you to be mad about those people taking everything from you, making people feel upset and fearful of everything.

We’re now regularly hearing from racists and open Nazis, many of them elected Republican officials, who would have been driven out of decent society before the Reagan Revolution. American political discourse hasn’t been this filled with conflict and violence since the Civil War, and much of it can be traced straight back to the power and influence of dark money unleashed by five Republicans on the Supreme Court.

Companies are happy to put the Black Lives Matter hashtag up on their advertisements, meanwhile, they're abusing black and brown workers in their warehouses. These companies every single day are union busting using racial slurs against them. You can see in the actions of these Briber Companies how much those organizations actually don't support social justice.

The Briber's Right-wing political rhetoric leads to violence. What causes this is their asserting there is some group that controls the government other than the Bribers who are controlling you. Usually, the implication is that some group controls the government such as Jewish people, black people, Muslim people, or any non-christian and non-white group. Subliminally supporting white supremacist militia groups. They have people go on TV and talk about how the government is “trying to do something to you.” They're trying to pacify you. So you will not protest. So that you won't pick up your gun and go after the bad guys. This is an invitation to Stochastic Terrorism.

Stochastic terrorism is "the public demonization of a person or group resulting in the incitement of a violent act, which is statistically probable but whose specifics cannot be predicted.". Stochastic Terrorism is where the people trying to provoke this terrorism are not calling for a specific act, and it's not telling a specific person to do something specific. Instead, what they're doing is trying to activate “Lone Wolves.” People that they don't know. None of us know. Try to bring them out of the woodwork and get them out there killing people.

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There’s a worldwide movement toward race-based autocracy (aka fascism) with which the GOP has aligned itself. With big money from right wing billionaires and corporations, and the support of an explicitly white supremacist media machine. Republicans have passed 34 laws in 18 states restricting the right of minority citizens to vote.

The last time the Voting Rights Act was voted upon: All Senate Republicans and 95% of the Republican Congressmen voted AGAINST voting rights.