During the COVID pandemic under the Trump Administration, some people took advantage of the situation and used it to make themselves richer. They did this by taking money from the government that was meant to help people who were struggling.

Rich people who didn't need the money took it. Large amounts of money were stolen and ended up in the hands of rich people who didn't need it, they took advantage of the situation to make themselves richer. In fact, it's estimated that about 75% of the stolen money went to these upper-class people who bribe the system.

Despite making record profits in 2019 and continuing to be profitable during the pandemic, insurance companies and hospitals have largely ignored rules that were meant to make healthcare more affordable for regular people. In fact, the insurance industry and hospitals - especially large hospital chains - are a big reason why healthcare costs in the United States are so high. When hospitals and insurance companies pay for medical care, they pay a lot more than what Medicare pays for the same care - sometimes 175% to 400% more!

The bribers made a lot of money, while regular people suffered. One example of this is when some famous football players who were already millionaires received millions of dollars meant for COVID assistance. The bribers were also able to buy a lot of assets, stocks, bonds, and treasury bills thanks to the Federal Reserve putting trillions of dollars into the economy.

A lot of rich people also became even richer during the pandemic. In fact, three-quarters of the richest people in America are as rich or even richer than they were before the pandemic. Some have even made billions or tens of billions of dollars.

Sadly, a lot of the money that was supposed to help unemployed people and small businesses was stolen by the bribers. For example, out of $872 billion dollars that was supposed to help unemployed people, an estimated half was stolen and never reached those who needed it. And out of $521 billion dollars meant for small businesses, only about a third went to help workers, while the rest was stolen.

Insurance companies and hospitals also made a lot of money, even though they were already profitable before the pandemic. They got help from taxpayers, but they didn't follow the rules that were set by Health and Human Services. These rules were meant to make healthcare more affordable for regular people. The medical claims they paid were much more expensive than what Medicare would pay for the same care. People can complain if a hospital or insurance company doesn't follow the rules, the process is difficult and doesn't always work. Few people know they can make a complaint, and those who do may have to wait years for a resolution, while their credit score can be negatively affected.

The Bribers figured out that getting the public too caught up in one side of an issue can cause problems for our society and take advantage of the average person. We're so afraid of hearing different opinions that we end up refusing to listen to scientific facts. However, it's important to note that science is not completely objective - it's influenced by capitalist interests. Only certain experiments, arguments, and regulations are being advanced to benefit specific groups.

The Covid Virus has become politicized, and it's difficult to have reasonable conversations about natural immunity and mask efficacy without getting caught up in politics. With technology and instant communication, authority figures are becoming more open to scrutiny, and some are doubling down on their control.

The right is making this issue political when we should be having honest conversations about the evidence and finding solutions. If we don't work together to transcend these arguments, then legitimate political figures who care about ordinary Americans may find themselves lost in a party that only serves the interests of big businesses and the military. We need to work together to find common ground so that everyone's voices can be heard.

During the pandemic, some pharmaceutical companies made a lot of money. At least 40 new billionaires were created in the industry, and pharmaceutical corporations made $1,000 in profits every second. Two-thirds of Congress received funding from pharmaceutical companies during the 2020 election. Pfizer's chairman said they were developing the covid vaccine for the good of humanity, but they still made $100 billion in profits in 2022. The American public paid for the research and development of the vaccine, but the pharmaceutical companies took all the profits.

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COVID-19 is the greatest threat to the United States to materialize in over a century.

Steven Mnuchin funneled $500B of PPP Covid relief loans. Giving millions to himself, Jared Kushner, Trump's Super PAC, Devin Nunes, Betsy DeVos, Kanye West, Tom Brady and $334K to Moscow Mitch’s wife Elaine Chao.