How Polling Is Manipulated.

If you have enough money you can get a poll to say anything you would like it to say. The bribers have the money to pay for polling. Then they use the results to influence the thoughts of people to change what people are thinking in favor of the group that is funding the poll.

Polling is used to influence the public, not really to represent the actual opinion. Polls are not crystal ball prediction devices. Several psychological tricks and mathematical inaccuracies are used to get the result that the purchaser of the poll wants. The phrasing of the questions can get responses that lead people to draw the wrong conclusions. You can receive any result you want from polling provided you write a large enough check.

Ask yourself; why do they have “private” polling that is not released to the public, and, also have polling they release to the public? If the polling is done honestly shouldn't there be just one poll?

You often hear the Corporate Media cite a poll that some politician's idea is ahead in the polls. You say to yourself how can that be? But when you investigate you find the headline of the poll is misleading, and the question asked is vague and designed to get a particular response. During the 2022 election, the report was that people disapproved of President Biden, when the real truth is that the vast majority of Americans were upset about the attacks on Democratic institutions, and they see that as the country heading in the wrong direction because of the Republican extremism.

Your news reporter will tell you that a political party is looking really good in the polls. But good news can bring danger. Why? Because it makes people complacent. If the polls look good, some people take their foot off the gas. For example, if you hear that a race moves from toss-up and leaning Democratic, you can feel a sigh of relief rise up in yourself and a thought bubble appears, “Ah, good. I don’t have to worry about that race as much.” They want people to think that the results of the election are in the bag. If the poll is accurate and true, what you have is the wind at your back, the opportunity to bring home the win. But they may be using the polling to convince the public that you should sit on the couch at home and not vote. Lest anyone has forgotten, looking good in the polls is NOT a guarantee of success. By sharing good polling or rating news, the news media either intentionally or accidentally depress activism and therefore turnout. Instead, a good way to think about any race at any time is to act as though you’re behind in the polls. And then act accordingly.

During the 2022 midterm elections. the conventional wisdom of the Corporate Media was the coming “red wave”. The big red wave that everyone predicted with a hundred percent certainty would happen, didn't materialize. They based their predictions on polling that gave them the answer they wanted to help persuade the public in favor of the outcome the Bribe System wanted. Democratic challengers might have won even more contests, but the Big Donors needed to project an outcome to their liking to “psych out” the public. Republicans were offering something very different, an election-denying MAGA extremism far from what the common citizen wanted.

Polling along with political violence became something of a controversy. Danger from the right if you even rebuked the seditionist who tried to overthrow the government. Big Donors used polling to try to persuade the public that what most Americans believed were the Republican lies on inflation, economy, law, and order were the most important issues. It actually was the defense of Democracy and protecting citizens' rights. Democrats outperformed history and economic patterns, and the Democratic Candidates outperformed the so-called expectations without the Bribers' money. The discredited DC expectations were not just based on the typical problems with worthless predictions. They came from right-wing operatives designed to stoke expectations by using junk numbers to prop up extreme right-wing candidates. Making them seem more mainstream by virtue of their supposed polling advantage.

Using the false polling data provided by the Big Donors and their Think Tanks, Republican candidates got mainstream pundits (whose corporate owners also benefit from the money being spent on advertising) to say over and over that the Republicans looked better than the reality. Then they would fundraise off those claims. A trick of having pole averages repeatedly overstating Republicans' support. They not only aggregate polls but actually put a finger on the scale of their polling in the way they asked the polling questions and analyze the results to achieve the wanted result. The proof is in the actual election results where Democrats did much better than the final poll averages.

The use of polls to change the perception and expectation about an election can shape reality. Voters may flock or bolt on a candidate based on the candidate's chances of winning. Then corporate media outlets want to focus on silly “horse race” poll coverage to reinforce that dynamic to improve their ratings to charge more in advertising fees. Now that the voting is done it's easy to see how intentionally wrong the paid polling is; they said Republicans would take the Senate with 54 seats and the Congress by 50 to 60 seats. Then the pundits and people on the right flamed the Online Corporate Owned Media to tout “The Red Wave.”

Campaign veterans say this is about more than just unreliable polling. It's a wider right-wing effort to trying to confuse and trick the public. An effort funded by the Big Donors of the Bribe System. Learning about it can inoculate you against it. What matters a lot more than poles, and supporting an unpopular Trump-saddled Republican brand, is that it is consistently rejected when people actually vote. By creating a fake appearance of support they are attempting to use mind control on the public. This a deliberate strategy by the Donor Class and the Republicans to use junk polling to move the polling average. To achieve power and dominance over the middle class.

It is a deliberate strategy by Big Donors and Republicans to use junk polling to move the pulling average and change the narrative. The goal is not to inflate expectations that can't be delivered, the goal is to work the system so that people think Republicans have more support than they actually have. To depressed Democratic enthusiasm with a drum beat of the doom is coming. Republicans concluded they needed to inflate their perceived support in the hopes that it might create an image of more support for them than they actually have.

It is an effort to hack your mind using subliminal seduction. The discourse will shape the ultimate turnout and the result of our Democracy being destroyed. It should be illegal, but it is legal. There was a time when misleading with real consequences was considered immoral. Alas, the right-wing is immoral.

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