Immigration is often used as a scare tactic by people who want to manipulate others for their own benefit. They try to make us afraid of foreigners taking away our jobs and civil rights. They make us think that immigrants are lazy and don't want to work, but at the same time, they want them to work for low wages.

The idea of building a wall to keep immigrants out was a trick to get people to give money. Some people took advantage of this and made millions of dollars from those who supported it. When they got caught, President Trump pardoned them.

The truth is immigrants don't take American jobs or hurt the poor. In fact, they help our economy by paying taxes and contributing to growth. They also don't use welfare benefits as much as native-born Americans.

Despite all this, some politicians still try to use immigration to gain power. They want to make us think that immigrants are dangerous criminals, but studies have shown that this is not true. It's hard to immigrate to the United States, and we actually allow fewer immigrants than many other countries do.

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The GOP and right-wing radio and TV have been preparing this ground for the better part of two decades, constantly harping on non-existent voter fraud by undocumented Hispanics and African Americans who, as Trump alleged, go from polling place to polling place by bus to double, or even triple-vote.