The people who offer bribes use job opportunities as a way to manipulate others. They pretend to be helpful to society by providing jobs, but they don't really care about the jobs themselves. Instead, they want to make as much money as possible by hiring as few workers as they can and paying them as little as possible. But when they want to get money from the government, they'll say they're creating jobs.

In many parts of the country, millions of workers are being paid very little because the political system is corrupt and allows bribery. The gap between rich and poor is a problem - just two people own more wealth than 42% of everyone else. The wealthiest 1% control a lot of big companies, like Black Rock and State Street Vanguard, which have a combined $20 trillion in assets and control hundreds of other companies across the country. This is called an oligarchy, which means a small group of powerful people controlling everything. If we don't demand a government that truly represents working people and the middle class, we should be worried about the future of our country.

It's important for Americans to realize that you shouldn't destroy the thing that brings you wealth. In this case, the thing that brings us wealth is labor - the work that people do to create products and make money. After 50 years of workers being paid very little while making a lot of money for their bosses, people are starting to notice this unfairness - even some Republicans who have always believed in certain ideas.

Some companies might say they support movements like Black Lives Matter, but at the same time, they're mistreating workers of color in their warehouses. These companies are also trying to prevent workers from forming unions by using racist language against them. It's clear from their behavior that these companies don't actually care about social justice.

In 2018 the Republicans gave billionaires a $2 TRILLION tax cut because they “create” jobs. Here is an example of the layoffs billionaires have and are doing:

Meta 11,000 fired

Amazon 10,000 fired

Twitter   3,700 fired

Salesforce   2,000 fired

Netflix     450 fired

Robinhood 30% of the workforce fired

Intel 20% of the workforce fired

Snap 20% of the workforce fired

Trickle-down economics is one Big Fat Scam!

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As of July 14, 2022 the value of the federal minimum wage is at its lowest point in 66 years.