The bribers use jobs as a tool. They act as if they are doing a benefit for society by providing jobs. They could care less about jobs, if anything their profit motive is to have as few jobs as possible with as low a wage as possible. However, whenever they want to take money from the government they will claim they are creating jobs.

All over this country tens of millions of workers are working for starvation wages because of a corrupt political system that accepts bribes. Income and wealth inequality is a concern. Two people own more wealth than the bottom 42% of the population. There is a corporate concentration of ownership by "the 1%." Two companies, Black Rock and State Street Vanguard control 20 trillion dollars in assets and have control hundreds of hundreds of Corporations throughout this country. This is an oligarchy and if we don't stand up and say that we need a government that represents the Working People and the Middle Class we must be very much concerned about the future of this country.

Hopefully, America is awakening the fact that you don't kill the goose that lays the golden egg. LABOR is that goose! The response to 50 years of oppressively deficient wages for the workers who actually make the product, and make the profit is becoming aware to even the Indoctrinated Republican employee.

Companies are happy to put the black lives matter hashtag up on their screen, meanwhile, they're abusing black and brown workers in their warehouses. These companies every single day are union busting using racial slurs against them. You can see in the actions of these Briber Companies how much those organizations actually don't support social justice.

In 2018 the Republicans gave billionaires a $2 TRILLION tax cut because they “create” jobs. Here are an example of the layoffs billionaires have and are doing:

Meta 11,000 fired

Amazon 10,000 fired

Twitter 3,700 fired

Salesforce 2,000 fired

Netflix 450 fired

Robinhood 30% of the workforce fired

Intel 20% of the workforce fired

Snap 20% of the workforce fired

Trickle-down economics is one Big Fat Scam!

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As of July 14, 2022 the value of the federal minimum wage is at its lowest point in 66 years.