About Moderates.

The bribers worked very hard at trying to make the public think they must be “a moderate.” Somehow being in the middle and incisive is virtuous. When in fact the bribers are extreme in their methods, are not moderates, and by convincing the public people to be moderate, they can control the masses.

Americans want Progressive change.

The bribers play a game of moderate versus progressive; with the virtuous conservatives being the ideal human being. Making sure the moderates are afraid to be called “Liberal.” They made “Liberal” into a dirty word. Liberals are “Progressives.” If more progressives were more able to win elections people would get what they need and want. Generally, American voters want action, they want Progressive action; they want something done about medical costs, they want something done about student debt, they want something done about global warming and the so-called moderates are the ones blocking progress. Blocking progress is what the bribers want – that is how they keep their money and control over America.

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