The Internet.

The internet industry influences many politicians with bribes. They have a lot of power and control, like "Big Brother" watching everything you do and think. Unfortunately, they've used their money to sway politicians and avoid regulation, which is hurting America. These companies act like fascists. It's unfair that Americans pay more for internet access than anyone else in the world, even though our service isn't any better. This is because the internet industry has too much influence over our politicians and they're able to control what we need.

Billionaires and Big Corporations are using the Internet to wage psychological warfare on us. This is called "Psyops" and it's a military tactic to influence the enemy's mindset without fighting. Unfortunately, many people have been influenced by this and have become Republicans. This group seems like a cult because they deny reality and want to start a revolution, even arming themselves for a civil war. Billionaires and Big Corporations are using the Internet to manipulate us by controlling our behavior, information, thoughts, and emotions. They want to make us dependent and obedient to them. They're using corporate media and online platforms to radicalize people and convince them that the current Administration and anyone associated with them is evil and needs to be eliminated or oppressed.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you search on the Internet, you don't find what you're actually looking for? Instead, you're shown misleading information and content. This is partly because of the bribes that the Internet industry pays to control what you see. But they also use Subliminal Seduction, which is a sneaky tactic to manipulate you into doing what "Big Brother" wants you to do.

The Bribers ended Net Neutrality in America. Out of all the free countries in the world, America is the only one where Net Neutrality is not protected. Net Neutrality is important because it keeps your internet service provider from spying on you. In America, your internet service provider can read all your emails, see every website you visit, and even see what pictures you look at. They can record this information and sell it to make money. Right now, people across America are being tracked by their smartphones and their personal data is being used by big companies to target them. Other free countries in the world consider your internet activity to be private, but not in America. We need to bring back Net Neutrality to stop internet companies from spying on us legally.

Companies such as Amazon display the Black Lives Matter hashtag on their website, but they mistreat their black and brown workers in their warehouses. These companies are constantly trying to stop their workers from unionizing and even use racial slurs against them. By their actions, it's clear that these Briber Companies don't really support social justice.

The Bribers who own the internet are spreading fake news, and it's becoming the biggest threat to our democracy. Many important issues that we talk about have both the truth and lies being spread. This false information is making the political divide in our country even worse. The media outlets that the Bribers fund is only making things worse, and they do it to gain more money and power. With so much fake news out there, it's getting harder and harder to have a real discussion about important topics.

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