The Internet.

The internet industry bribes a large portion of politicians. The internet industry is “Big Brother” monitoring your every move and thoughts. They've managed to pay off politicians where there is no supervision over how they are harming America. The companies are Fascists. Why is it in America that we pay more for internet access than anywhere else in the world? It's not because ours is better because it isn't. It is because they have a stranglehold on our politicians and are controlling much of our needs.

Through the Internet, we're being subjected to psychological warfare by Billionaires and Big Corporations. The term is known as “Psyops” - is defined as military operations usually aimed at influencing the enemy's state of mind through non-combative means. Many people have been radicalized and are now formally calling themselves Republicans. A cult-like organization that appears to just want to refute reality in the truth, then promote a revolution – including arming for civil war.

This psychological warfare is accomplished by messaging a constant barrage of behavior control, information control, thought control, and emotional control on people to make them dependent and obedient. People are being radicalized through the corporate media and online to believe that the current Administration and anyone who is part of THEM is evil and needs to be exterminated or repressed.

Ever wonder why, when you try to do an Internet Search, many times you don't find what you are really looking for? But you are fed deceptive information and content? Part of it is the money the Bribing System is using to make sure you see only what they want you to see, but the use of Subliminal Seduction to "seduce" you into doing as “Big Brother” would like.

Net Neutrality was ended in America by the Bribers. The United States is the only country in the free world where Net Neutrality has ended. To most people, Net Neutrality sounds meaningless. It is very meaningful. It allows the internet service provider company that brings the internet into your house to spy on you. In the United States your internet service provider read every one of your emails, can see every website you visit, see which pictures you look at, and can see basically everything you do on the internet. Not only can they see that but they can record it, and they can sell that information. Across America right now people are being spied upon by Tracking apps from their smartphones. Big money uses that data to pinpoint people. The United States is the only free country in the world where this is the case, every other free country in the world says yours is private. We need to restore net neutrality to our internet companies so they can no longer legally spy on us.

Companies like Amazon are happy to put the black lives matter hashtag up on their screen, meanwhile, they're abusing black and brown workers in their warehouses. These companies every single day are union busting using racial slurs against them. You can see in the actions of these Briber Companies how much those organizations actually don't support social justice.

The disinformation propagated by the Bribers who own the internet may be the most serious threat right now to the health and vibrancy of our democracy. At the heart of just about every major issue that is talked about there is the truth, and also a lie being propagated. The disinformation to the truth makes far worse the broadening partisan political divide. The media outlets funded by the Bribers increase the divide in the country to gain more money and power. The amount of disinformation out in the public has made talking about information harder and harder.

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