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The bribers want our schools to be non-productive. They purposely attempt to keep people misinformed and ignorant. This benefits their needs. They do this in several ways, by limiting funding to schools and providing textbooks to schools that are not accurate.

Republicans don't even believe in public education they think all education should be private, paid for by families or by charity. People go to schools to maintain an uneducated underclass who will be cheap labor for the giant corporations that own the Republican Party. It's really that simple, and they are less likely to vote.

Republican billionaires don't think we should have public schools. David Koch ran on this platform in 1980 for vice president of the United States and shut down all the public schools in America. Former billionaire Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos would have liked to have privatized every school and turned them all into charter schools so somebody can make a buck off public education. A great way to destroy Public Schools is to make sure people are terrified to send their kids to school because of school shootings. Kids and their parents are worried about sending kids to school, this is happening all over the country. People who hate Public Schools funding Republican politicians do not vote for gun legislation that will protect schools. Instead, they say to harden our schools by having only one entrance. A school with one entrance is known as a fire trap.

Prior to the Reagan Revolution pretty much anybody could go to college without incurring massive debt. Free education has been a principle of the United States since its founding. Thomas Jefferson created the first free college in the United States, the University of Virginia. Abraham Lincoln put into place free college; seventy-three land-grant universities across the United States where College was free or close to free. When soldiers returned from World War II a GI Bill made it possible for them to acquire a free education. Since then we've found that for every dollar we invested in each soldier coming back from WWII produced a seven-dollar return in additional tax revenue. We all become wealthier when we provide free education.

Forty years Reaganomics gutted the American education system. The American middle class has massive student debt. America is the only developed country in the world that has the student loan industry sucking the lifeblood of the middle class. A lot of people worked really hard to pay off their student loans, good for them. But they shouldn't have had the debt in the first place. Many people who have student loans have paid the equivalent of the principal, it is the excessive interest and fees that they are trying to pay off that are strangling them. Through no fault of their own for not being rich they should never have had to have student loans in the first place. People will try to debate that then we'll be paying off the rich kids' debt. Hello!? Rich people don't have student debt! They didn't need to take out a loan.

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For generations political scientists have tried to figure out exactly why Republicans have been so dead set against public schools. Wanting the ability to use taxpayer-funds to opt out of public education with a taxpayer paid voucher. Several states are trying to destroy public education. In California, right-wing extremists are working to put a ballot initiative up that would destroy public education by offering vouchers to every parent in the state.