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Politicians, Insurance Companies, Health Care Providers, and the Medical Industry are using the Bribe System to personally benefit from sickness. Original Medicare is one of the best and most cost-effective medical care systems worldwide. If it were not for the fact that the Bribers managed to force participants to pay a premium, pay a deductible, and not be allowed to negotiate drug prices; Original Medicare would be considered almost perfect.

Alas, there is too much money for the bribers not to scam the public. The cost to run Medicare is only 1%. The alternative named Medicare Advantage tags fees of 20% and greater, then the Medicare Advantage Insurance companies are allowed to keep up to 40% of the profit from what Medicare pays them. Then, when Medicare Advantage Insurance denies your claim they keep the money as if the procedure had been performed. The Original Traditional Medicare does not deny claims. When people are upset with Medicare it is really the Private Insurance Company Medicare Advantage they should be upset with. The Bribe System wants people confused because then they make money from people blaming Medicare when it really is private insurance called Medicare Advantage that is at fault and fooling the public.

Most people are not aware that Medicare and Medicare Advantage is not the same. Medicare is a not-for-profit benefit run by the government, not insurance. Medicare Advantage is for-profit private insurance designed to make as much money as possible for Insurance Companies, Health Care Providers, and the Medical Industry. Every Medicare Advantage patient costs the government much more than a Traditional Medicare patient does, and Medicare Advantage denies services to patients even though Original Medicare pays for the service. Medicare is a benefit you earned; Medicare Advantage is an unnecessary additional cost to you and the government.

Medicare Advantage is a rip-off, it costs our government more than $7 billion dollars a year more in expenses than Traditional Medicare. Much of that money goes right into the pockets of the CEOs and stockholders of the giant insurance companies. Specifically $814 million more a year in profits. The media rakes in money by selling advertisements to the insurance companies that sell Medicare Advantage. The huge profits are paid for by the advertisements that the Advantage scammers run. Advantage corporate advertisements pour millions into TV advertising for new customers. The media is not going to report on how Medicare Advantage is stealing from you as long as they are making a huge profit from it.

Medicare-for-all will easily save billions of dollars.

Despite raking in record profits in 2019 and remaining profitable even during the COVID-19 pandemic, in part because of taxpayer-funded COVID relief, insurance companies and hospitals nationwide have largely ignored the rules from Health and Human Services (HHS). The insurance industry and hospitals, particularly hospital chains with market power, are key drivers of sky-high healthcare costs in the United States. Medical claims paid to hospitals and the private insurance industry ran 175% to 400% of the Medicare rate for the same care. While consumers can aid enforcement efforts by submitting a complaint to CMS if a hospital or insurance company is not in compliance with federal rules. The mechanism is ineffective. Less than 10% are aware they can file a complaint, and even fewer file a complaint that can take years to resolve while their credit score is impacted negatively.

The United States is the only developed country in the world that spends twice as much money per capita every year on healthcare. Over a trillion dollars more than any other country and actually receives worse outcomes. We are the only country in the world where there is a bloated insurance industry sucking the money out of the system. Over five hundred thousand Americans go bankrupt every year because of medical bills – America is the only country where this happens. We're the only country in the world where pharmaceutical prices are tens of times higher than anywhere else in the world. The reason for the high costs is that the Supreme Court legalized bribery – they created the Bribe System. There is an absolutely mind-boggling amount of money floating around between industry, government, and politicians that eventually lands in the pockets of billionaires.

The OpenSecrets Organization reports the amount the healthcare industry spent bribing congress in 2021 was $689,466,798. That is money given to Congress Members and Senators for favors. In 2020 the amount the industry extracted from us was $543 Billion Dollars. This is money that has been stolen from the American people and our economy.

The Bribe System also costs lives. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) published in June 2022 estimates “that a single-payer universal healthcare system would have saved about 212,000 lives in 2020.” They also report that an expected $438 billion dollars can be saved per year by having single-payer universal healthcare during a non-pandemic year.

A November 2022 Senate Report outlines the Scam called Medicare Advantage. The Senate Report Details the 'Latest Privatized Medicare Scandal' as Seniors Preyed Upon and Duped. The system called Advantage is the plan to privatize Medicare through the so-called Medicare Advantage scam. An amazing report came out of the US Senate finance committee that the number of Medicare beneficiary complaints about dubious marketing tactics more than double in just the past twelve months. The magnitude of the new report exposes fraudsters and scam artists to be running amuck selling Medicare Advantage. It exposes unscrupulous insurance companies, brokers, and third parties trying to pressure seniors using deceptive mail advertisements, misleading claims about increasing social security benefits, aggressive in-person marketing techniques, and enrolling beneficiaries without their consent. The Senate finance committee report says beneficiaries are being inundated with aggressive marketing techniques, as well as false and this leading information. They note that, for example, insurance agents sell new Medicare Advantage plans telling seniors that their doctors are covered by the plan, and then after they've you sign up, a couple of months later when they go see their doctor and suddenly discover they're receiving giant bills. Then to find out your doctor is out-of-network. Seniors receive mailers that look like official business letters from a federal agency. Insurance agents harass seniors calling them 20 times a day, as widespread television advertisements with celebrities basically pitching lies about Medicare and Medicare Advantage. The federal government reports that 13% of denial of service under Medicare Advantage would not have been refused under Traditional Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans are also increasingly ending nursing home and rehabilitation patient care before patients were ready to go home when Traditional Medicare would have covered the expense. So instead of it innovating care Medicare Advantage seems mainly to withhold care. It has also proven to be costly because such plans get higher government payouts for sicker patients and have the incentive to exaggerate the sickness of enrollees. According to Federal Audits, 8 of 10 of the largest companies submitted inflated bills, and four of five of the very largest companies faced Federal lawsuits accusing them of fraud. In 2020 alone these exaggerated risk scores generated 12 billion dollars in excess payments to Medicare Advantage fraudster Insurance companies. Because of these other factors the government actually spends much more on Medicare Advantage than those on Traditional Medicare. Seniors on Medicare Advantage receive fewer services at a higher cost.

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