The people who give bribes have paid off the media to convince us they know what's best for the economy. But really, their economy is based on corruption - the more money you give to politicians, the more likely you are to succeed. They use complicated formulas to make money and make the headlines look like things are worse than they really are, all to make more money for themselves and control us with fear.

You shouldn't trust economists because even if they get one prediction right, they're considered geniuses forever. And the economists who are paid by big companies try to hide the fact that those companies are making prices go up by consolidating their power. This means that just a few companies control an entire industry, and they can raise prices as much as they want because no one else can compete with them.

The politicians who are in on the bribes told us that if we cut taxes for the super-rich, it would help everyone else too. But that's not what happened - instead, the top 1% just took the money and ran, leaving the rest of us with nothing. And when things go wrong, we can't even get the money back because the rules aren't enforced anymore.

Republicans say they're great at managing money, but the facts don't support their claims. Most of the poorest states and counties in the US are run by Republicans, while the richest are run by Democrats:

• 9 out of the 10 poorest states in the US are Republican.

• 95 out of the 100 poorest counties are Republican.

• 9 out of the 10 richest cities are run by Democrats.

In the past, things were better for the middle class, but now people can't afford to live without getting into debt. Many have student debt that they'll never be able to pay back. The Republicans' economic policies, called Reaganomics, have made things worse by giving money to the super-rich instead of helping the middle class. They tell us they want to go back to the way things were before, but that's just a trick to keep things the same. Instead of helping everyone, they've taken trillions of dollars from the middle class and given it to the top 1%, making inequality worse than ever. They said it would help us if the rich got richer, but it didn't.

The middle class in America has been disappearing rapidly since the 1980s when Reagan became president. This was caused by Reaganomics policies which gave a lot of money to the wealthiest 1% and took it away from the middle class. People are suffering because of this. They are losing their jobs, families, and homes. Some are working two jobs just to make ends meet. They were told in the 1980s that they would be better off than their parents, but now they are actually worse off. Their kids are also struggling. Some people turn to violence or blame minorities for their problems because they don't realize they've been manipulated. The politicians who say the government is controlling you are lying. The real problem is that the rich are stealing from the middle class. The more unhappy people become, the easier it is for the rich to control them.

The big media companies like to complain when regular people receive a little bit of money from the government. But they don't like to talk about how the government gave Trillions of Dollars to Wall Street (the wealthy people who bribe politicians). They don't want to tell people about Corporate Welfare that is way more than the amount given to the average person. When the Stock Market was doing badly in March 2020, the government gave Trillions of Dollars to wealthy people to buy assets, stocks, bonds, and treasury bills so that they could make more money during the coronavirus crisis. Actually, it all started in March of 2009, when there was a financial crisis because of the Republican Recession, and the government bailed out big companies. The stock market crashed, so the government took extraordinary actions never taken before. The rich people got tons of money and support, way more than regular people. None of the Trillions of Dollars that went to the Billionaires is being paid back to the government. But the media complains about the small amount of help regular people get, and calls them "freeloaders."

The problem with oil prices is not just about how much people demand it or how much is available. We actually have a lot of oil available, but the prices are going up because of Wall Street investors making bets on oil prices. In fact, last year the price of oil went so low that they should have been paying you to buy gas! But now, the big companies that control oil prices are charging more because they know they can get away with it. They blame it on inflation, but they're just being greedy.

In the United States, we spend more money on healthcare than any other developed country in the world, and we don't even get good results. This is because we have a lot of waste and corruption in the system. The insurance companies and drug companies charge way too much, and the politicians are taking bribes from them to keep things the way they are. This means that many people in the US can't afford to pay their medical bills and go bankrupt. The politicians are supposed to be working for us, but they're really working for the rich people who give them money. It's not fair, and it's hurting our economy.

In many elections, the Democratic Candidates receive more votes than the Republicans, but they still lose elections. Some people might say this is because the Democrats are weak, out of touch with regular Americans, and too "woke." But even with these flaws, the Democratic party is the only hope we have against a group of right-wing politicians who are anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-contraception, and anti-freedom. These politicians are fascists, and they are trying to take over our government.

The way our government works is not always fair. There are some states with a lot of people that have fewer senators than other states with fewer people. This means that the Republicans, who have fewer votes overall, have more power in the Senate. Also, because of something called the "Electoral College," presidential elections focus on just a few states, and the rest of the country doesn't get much attention. Some states are also controlled by Republicans, even though the majority of people there are Democrats. This is not what a real democracy should look like. We need to make sure that elections are fair and that the candidate with the most votes wins.

Despite its flaws, the Democratic party is the only party that can fight against the rise of fascism in our country. If we want to protect our rights and our freedoms, we need the Democrats to win by a lot. This might be our best chance to save our country. Democrats need to win an overwhelming majority to protect our rights and our freedoms. This just may save our country.

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