The Filibuster Is Not Democratic.

The filibuster is something the bribers love. It prevents any good from happening for the majority of the people and makes sure the bribers stay in power and the money in their pockets. All a Briber needs to do is find one senator who is willing to accept a “contribution” to stop legislation. It only takes one senator to prevent proposed legislation from even being debated.

The filibuster is a procedural maneuver, long used by Senate minorities to block civil rights legislation and to stop democracy reforms supported by broad majorities. Under current Senate rules, however, a minority can stymie efforts to fix our broken system. Not slow those reforms, not deliberate, not debate, but simply block them. For that reason, democracy advocates and their elected champions must demand that the filibuster be eliminated. If the Senate is to be responsive to the popular will, the filibuster must go.

There is not a problem of the public not agreeing to solve a problem, the problem is the filibuster in the Senate that stops us from moving forward with needed changes. There's a 60-vote threshold in the Senate, the filibuster is essential to the ability of 40 Senators representing a minority of the country's population being able to stop any bills from coming to the floor. The Bribe Money is preventing any improvements for the majority.

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Today the 50 Senators from Republican-controlled states represent 43 million fewer Americans than Senators from Democratic-controlled states, yet for the past 26 years they’ve used the filibuster to block nearly every meaningful piece of Democratic-sponsored legislation.