Some people who try to bribe politicians have turned the word "liberal" into a negative term. They want you to think that if you're a liberal, you think you are smarter and just want to spend money. But that's not true at all. The media that these people own have helped spread this message. In reality, being liberal means you care about the majority of people while being conservative means you only care about a small group of wealthy people.

In American politics, most issues are seen through one of two frames: conservative or liberal, Republican or Democratic. Once an issue is seen as belonging to one of these categories, it's harder for people who think differently or are independent to understand it. Whether it's healthcare, education, immigration, or voting rights, once it's seen as a political or ideological issue, it's harder for everyone to see it as a problem that affects all of us.

How did people start thinking being liberal was bad? Here's a short answer: the people who wanted to be in charge for the past 30 years made up lies about liberals, saying they were weak and not manly. They also said that politicians who were supposed to help ordinary people had become too fancy and didn't care about regular folks anymore. They even made it seem like being old-fashioned and sexist was good.

But the truth is, most people in the country actually support liberal ideas. They just don't know it, because the people in power want them to stay ignorant. They don't want people to become "woke" - or aware of what's really going on - because it helps the people in charge keep their bribes and control over everyone else.

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