The label of “Liberal” has been turned into a boogeyman term by the bribers. Suggesting that if you are liberal you just wanted to spend money and are not thinking correctly. Nothing is further from the truth. But the bribers have successfully messaged this through the bought-off corporate media. Actually Liberal means “for the many” while conservative means “for an élite few.”

Issues rarely exist outside of a frame, and in American politics that frame is usually broadly defined as either “conservative” or “liberal,” “Republican” or “Democratic.” And once an issue is dropped into one of those four frames, its ability to reach voters “on the other side” or independents diminishes fast. Whether it’s healthcare, education, immigration, or even voting rights, once it's framed, and thus perceived, as ideological or partisan, that issue’s ability to reach the broadest possible audience is narrowly circumscribed.

How did liberalism become a dirty word? The short explanation of how the dominant political philosophy of the last 30 years lost to a fascist cry that Liberals are weak – not a man. The liberal elite, embodied by the politicians of traditionally left-wing parties, has grown aloof and complacent and abandoned “the people” whom it was supposed to champion. That being a Neanderthal Man is good.

A majority of the nation wants and supports liberal causes. They don't know or realize it because it benefits the Bribe System that they don't become “Woke.”

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Proud of being of liberal and see absolutely nothing wrong with it.