What About NAFTA?

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) allowed the bribers to devastate the average American. They got their way with this. The American public was sold to Bill of Goods that there would be fair trade, instead, we got unfair trade. All the jobs, money, and benefits went abroad. Meanwhile, America is dwindling with a need for industrial output that just isn't there anymore.

Republicans told us if we went with the NAFTA trade agreement the George W. Bush administration had negotiated, and then the World Trade Organization (WTO), that we would see an explosion of jobs. We didn't, instead, the Big Corporations, Billionaires, and their Political Cronies took from America. It’s weakened democratic nations like the United States and much of Western Europe while transferring hundreds of trillions in wealth to China, Vietnam, and other repressive nations whose leaders have used that money to increase the power and efficiency of their internal state security systems.

There was an explosion of jobs; lots of them, in fact, as over 60,000 American factories were torn down or left vacant because their products were moved to China or elsewhere. Over 10 million good-paying jobs went overseas along with those 60,000 factories.

Free trade is a phrase behind which multinational corporations have essentially exploited both the developed and the developing world. People were led to believe that Free Trade meant everything was equal, and that it was a fair deal. It wasn't. As companies used this principle to their advantage and built empires by selling products made in low-labor-cost nations into the retail channels of the high-labor-cost nations, it seemed like it was a good thing (it was certainly promoted as a good thing). Cheaper products were available in the wealthy nations, jobs were created in the poorer nations, and the multinational corporations who made it all happen got rich as the average citizen in both countries were made poorer.

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Free Trade” Has Put America & Democracy At the Mercy of China. If China wants to bring America to her knees it doesn’t need fighter planes or warships to do it: all they’d have to do is block exports of manufactured goods to the US.