What About NAFTA?

The North American Free Trade Agreement, also known as NAFTA, had a negative impact on the average American. The people who gave bribes got what they wanted from it. Americans were promised fair trade, but instead, they got unfair trade. Many jobs, money, and benefits went to other countries, leaving America with a lack of industrial output.

Republican leaders told us that if we agreed to NAFTA and the World Trade Organization, we would see a lot of job opportunities. However, this did not happen. Instead, large corporations, billionaires, and their political allies took advantage of the situation and weakened democratic nations like the United States and Western Europe. They also transferred a great deal of wealth to repressive nations such as China and Vietnam, whose leaders used this money to strengthen their internal security systems. Over 60,000 American factories were closed or left unused because their products were moved to other countries like China. More than 10 million good-paying jobs also left America along with those 60,000 factories.

The term "Free Trade" has been used by multinational corporations to exploit both developed and developing nations. People were misled to believe that Free Trade meant fairness and equality. But it was far from it. Companies used this idea to their advantage and sold products made in countries with low labor costs to nations with high labor costs, making huge profits. Although it seemed like a good thing, with cheaper products available in wealthier nations and new job opportunities created in poorer nations, the reality was that multinational corporations got richer while citizens in both countries became poorer.

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Why NAFTA Hurts the American Economy.

Free Trade” Has Put America & Democracy At the Mercy of China. If China wants to bring America to her knees it doesn’t need fighter planes or warships to do it: all they’d have to do is block exports of manufactured goods to the US.