No Labels

The Deceptive Facade of "No Labels": A Closer Look at Their True Agenda.

"No Labels" presents itself as an organization dedicated to promoting centrism and bipartisanship, offering a promising vision of unity in American politics. However, beneath this facade lies a far more complex reality. This essay aims to shed light on the hidden agenda of "No Labels," demonstrating that corporations and billionaires have corrupted the political system by using this organization as a tool to achieve more power. By examining the organization's funding sources, its questionable alliances, and its role in electoral politics, we reveal that "No Labels" falls short of its proclaimed ideals.

I. Mysterious Funding Sources

"No Labels" has consistently refused to disclose its donors' identities, citing concerns about potential attacks from partisan operatives. This lack of transparency raises serious questions about the organization's true motives and the interests it may be serving.

A. Early Donors and Financial Industry Influence

Some early donors to "No Labels" have been identified, including billionaire Andrew Tisch, co-chairman of Loews Corporation, Ron Shaich, founder of Panera Bread, and Dave Morin, a former Facebook executive. Additionally, supporters of Michael Bloomberg have played a role in funding the organization. These names raise concerns about the influence of wealthy individuals and corporations in shaping "No Labels'" agenda.

B. Super PACs and Financial Industry Donations

Investigations have revealed that "No Labels" is closely linked to several super PACs, including United for Progress, Inc.; Citizens for a Strong America, Inc.; United Together; Govern or Go Home; Forward, Not Back; Patriotic Americans PAC; and Progress Tomorrow, Inc. By the end of the 2018 election cycle, these super PACs had received over $11 million from 53 donors, primarily from the financial industry. This financial support from major corporations and wealthy individuals suggests that "No Labels" may prioritize the interests of the wealthy elite over those of the general public.

II. A Shifting Agenda

The promises of bipartisanship and centrism that "No Labels" promotes have often proven hollow. As evidence of its true agenda emerges, it becomes clear that the organization has drifted away from its initial ideals.

A. Advancing Special Interests

Critics argue that "No Labels" operates as a vehicle for advancing the financial interests of the wealthy elite, rather than fostering bipartisanship. This perception is reinforced by its alliances and its support for policies that favor the rich and powerful.

B. Discrepancy Between Rhetoric and Actions

The organization's endorsement of Republican candidate Cory Gardner over the incumbent Democratic senator Mark Udall in 2014 contradicts its professed commitment to nonpartisanship. Such actions erode the credibility of "No Labels" and suggest a hidden partisan bias.

III. An Anti-Democratic Agenda

"No Labels" has veered into the realm of electoral politics, aiming to play a spoiler role in the 2024 presidential election by recruiting a "third-party" candidate. This move raises concerns about its impact on the democratic process and its alignment with corporate interests.

A. Undermining Democratic Choice

By actively seeking to introduce a third-party candidate into the 2024 presidential race, "No Labels" risks undermining the democratic choice of voters. Instead of respecting the electoral process, the organization appears determined to disrupt it for its own ends.

B. Benefiting Special Interests

The actions of "No Labels" in the 2024 presidential election suggest a willingness to prioritize its own agenda and the interests of its wealthy donors over the broader public interest. This alignment with special interests further erodes the organization's credibility as a champion of bipartisanship.

IV. The Influence of Billionaire Donors

One key figure in "No Labels'" web of connections is billionaire donor Harlan Crow. His support for the organization raises questions about its true motivations and its alignment with conservative causes.

A. Harlan Crow's Influence

Harlan Crow, a major Republican donor with ties to Justice Clarence Thomas, has contributed to "No Labels." This connection suggests that the organization may serve as a vehicle for advancing conservative and corporate interests, including tax cuts for the wealthy and deregulation.

B. The Anti-Democratic Plan

Harlan Crow's support for "No Labels" becomes more significant when considered in the context of the organization's anti-democratic plans to influence the 2024 presidential election. This plan risks subverting the will of the voters and pushing an extreme agenda favored by certain billionaire donors.


"No Labels" presents itself as a champion of centrism and bipartisanship, but a deeper examination reveals a troubling agenda driven by corporate interests and wealthy donors. Its refusal to disclose its funding sources, its shifting priorities, and its involvement in electoral politics all raise concerns about the organization's true motives. As it seeks to influence the 2024 presidential election, "No Labels" risks undermining the democratic process and serving as a tool for corporate and billionaire power. It is essential for the American public to remain vigilant and discerning in the face of such deceptive political organizations.

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