The bribing system is fascism. It's a form of government where corporations and the élite control the activities of the government. That way a few select people at the top will remain wealthy and powerful. Fascists are willing to use the power of the state to enforce the will of political élite who are controlled by big corporations and billionaires who give bribes that keep the politicians in power.

The bribing Republicans cling to minority rule. They now want to go to the next step and impose a neofascist Taliban-style government in America run by the very rich and the radical religious. Minority rule by the bribers is killing America. This is most obvious in our Senate and Supreme Court, although it’s also hurt the credibility of the presidency and is damaging many of our states.

Fascism is the use of violence and threats, which are the main part of the endemic threat of the new Republican Party. Fascism is violence, and the philosophy of fascism is rooted in violence – the domination of the many by the few. It can be physical violence, political violence, and the violence imposed by great wealth. Unjustified violence inflicted by the state under the color of law. Violence and intimidation have their own attraction to the people inflicting the violence. Violence is the most powerful recruiting tool a fascist movement has. Insecure frightened men, and the occasional women, participating in fascist violence find a sense of individual power not realizing that they are being controlled by the leader(s).

Fascism is Authoritarian. The leaders of the Republican Party think they can shove down your throat something that a majority of us don't like. Some people find “Fascism” a strong word – instead, it is a descriptive word. Because that is the essence of what Republicans are doing; a small minority dominating the politics of the country. Going against the will of the people.

The Republican party has become the party of political fascism. Some Democrats treat these fascist Republicans as if there are outliers, that there are a few bad apples. Some Democrats have the misguided thought that they can still work across the aisle, only to find no meaningful legislation can be passed. To put out things that look pretty, but have no meaning, nothing that is actually meaningful legislation. Republicans don't want what's good for the people, they want money and power. Threats of violence against school board members, nurses, racial minorities, gay people, and everything human a free Society must tolerate.

Democrats somehow managed to get the most votes and lose elections. When they lose it could be argued that today Democrats are too weak, too fragile, too woke, to a latest disconnected from the realities of working Americans. And yet the Democratic party is the world's last best hope against fascism. Against an extreme autocratic anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-contraception, anti-freedom collection of fascists who dominate the right-wing of today's Republican party. A group of fascists even refused to investigate the violent riots that their president launched on January 6th to overthrow a legitimately elected president.

Republicans cry “socialism” to scare and distract the public from the fascism they are promoting and implementing. Every single Republican in the US House and the United States Senate is all on the take from the healthcare industry and any lobbyist who will give them money. They are all on the take from the healthcare industry and virtually every industry by the right-wing billionaires who believe that socialism will make their taxes go up because they don't want to pay for it. If you're a billionaire or large corporation that pays no taxes and knows that for every dollar they give to a politician, they will receive back one hundred dollars in tax-free income, wouldn't you want to defend the status quo?

A fascist cult has taken over the Republican Party. It has a religion which is QAnon. It has a military comprised of various White Supremacist Militias. They have propaganda outlets consisting of several internet and right-wing media organizations. They are preparing for a rebellion, a war against Democracy.

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