There Should Be No Monopolies.

The Republicans who were bribed told us that if we stopped enforcing laws that protected small businesses for almost 100 years, big companies would innovate and create more opportunities. However, the opposite happened. Every industry in America has become so consolidated that competition is no longer possible. Companies can charge high prices and make huge profits. It's hard to start or find small family-owned businesses in towns, malls, and the suburbs because everything is owned by huge chains. Many of these chains are owned by hedge funds or private equity, and it's almost impossible for local businesses to compete with them.

Industry-funded economists are trying to argue that the increase in corporate profits is not causing inflation, but the evidence shows that corporate profits are contributing significantly to the rising prices. This is known as "price gouging." The economists who are paid by corporations are trying to downplay the role of corporate consolidation in driving these price increases. They don't want to upset their employers. When a few large companies control an industry, they can raise prices more easily than they could in a competitive market.

Republicans claimed that if corporations paid their senior executives with stock instead of just cash, it would make them more invested in the company and improve the business. But in reality, when corporations buy back their own stock, it often results in large payouts for shareholders and executives, while the company's future and its workers suffer.

Republicans told us that if we let a few big companies and billionaires buy most of our media, our economy would flourish and we would have a diverse media landscape. They even said it was happening when the internet opened up in the 90s. But now, a small group of often-rightwing companies owns our major media, internet companies, radio and TV stations, and local newspapers all over the country. In this landscape, progressive voices are usually absent. The oligarchs who have taken over our prosperous companies sold our patents, and stolen our retirements and pensions are now trying to control our education system. Why does the public keep supporting those people who keep their foot on our necks?

The consolidation of the American economy is so complete that we, the consumers, are being played as suckers. We pay way more than citizens of other developed countries for everything from medicine to the internet, to cell service. There was a time when Congress would take action against monopolies, but that time is long gone. Lawmakers are regularly bribed by the very corporations they are supposed to regulate.

Big Multi-National corporations have essentially become monopolies and are using their power to gouge prices and inflate the economy. This is happening across every industry because a system of bribery has created virtual monopolies that have eliminated any competition. The oil industry is a prime example, as they maintain high prices without any regulation or competition. There is no actual shortage of oil, but prices are being jacked up because they can. Wall Street speculation is also contributing to the problem. The solution is to go back to the law we had from 1973 to 2015 which made it illegal to export oil from the United States. We should keep our oil here, not ship it overseas just so oil companies can make more money. These companies are not loyal to America.

Our economic system is set up so that Big Companies benefit from emergencies, leaving the middle class to foot the bill. For instance, pharmaceutical companies make huge profits during medical emergencies, while the military-industrial complex profits from wars, and energy companies benefit from energy crises. This creates a perpetual state of crisis, where the interests of ordinary people are exploited by the elite. As a result, government corruption becomes rampant, with the wealthy bribing politicians for more power and wealth.

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Monopoly is destroying the American Farmer. Just four firms control 85% of all beef, 66% of all pork, and 54% of all poultry.

CEOs of Monopolies made 254 times more than the average worker.