The Mythology That Republicans Are Better At Solving Problems & Running The Country.

The Bribe System uses its money to promote the idea that the rich, with all the money, are smarter and therefore better at managing everything. That is a big lie part of the "Big Lie."

The myth that Republicans are better at fixing economic problems and running the country is false. Rich people and corporations use their money to spread this lie, making people believe that Republicans are better at managing the economy than Democrats.

This is just a trick by the right-wing media, which is controlled by corporations and the rich. In the past, when Reagan became president, 70% of Americans were in the middle class, but now only 45% are. This is because wages are low and people can't afford to live without going into debt. Many people also have student debt that they'll never be able to pay off. This is all because of Republican Reaganomics, which took money away from the middle class and gave it to the rich.

In the last 12 years, the Federal Reserve has gone 9 trillion dollars deeper in debt, most of which has gone to big corporations and their bosses. Republicans support giving corporations lower taxes and blame the people for taking from the government, which is pushing us closer to fascism. The government is no longer for the people, but for corporations.

In the past 42 years, a Democratic president has never caused a recession, while Republicans have caused 5. Republicans have also increased the national debt and haven't created any jobs, while Democrats have created 42 million jobs.

The myth that Republicans are better at managing the economy is just that - a myth. Democrats get the most votes but still lose elections because they are seen as weak, disconnected, and out of touch with working Americans. This is what the rich and corporations want you to believe.

Since the Reagan era, Republicans have taken money away from the middle class, giving 50 trillion dollars to the top 1%. They promised that this would help everyone, but it hasn't. The Republicans' opposition to big government is just a lie, as they are happy to use government to benefit themselves and their rich friends.

Republican-run states are actually welfare states, while Democratic-run states are taxed heavily to support them. A study showed that Mississippi received $2.13 for every dollar it paid in taxes to the federal government in 2015. Meanwhile, blue states like New Jersey only received .74 cents for every dollar they paid in taxes. This means that heavily taxed blue states are paying for the undertaxed red welfare states.

Looking at the last fifty years of data from sources like Politico, Bloomberg, and the United States Department of Labor, it appears that the Democrats have performed much better than the Republicans. The Republicans were in control for 28 years during this time, while the Democrats were in control for 22 years. Here are the results: The Democrats achieved a 992% stock market return, compared to the Republican's 109%. The Democrats created 42 million jobs, while the Republicans created 24 million. The middle-class income growth was 2.2% under Democrats, but only 0.6% under Republicans. Finally, the Democrat's GDP growth rate was 4.1%, while the Republican's was only 2.7%.

Republicans in Congress block things that average Americans want and only give the rich what they want - for money. Your money.

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