The Bribe System has been trying to get rid of public education for years. Their goal is to have two levels of education; one where the rich are highly educated and one where the “rabble” are kept ignorant because it makes it easier to control the public. The Founding generation was huge fans of free education being as widespread as possible. While modern public education didn’t get state-level government support until the late 1800s, in the early days of our republic communities routinely put together their own money and labor to build and fund a local schoolhouse and teacher.

Student Debt benefits the Bribe System, particularly the banks and college administration, who are raking in money. In 1993 the Student Loan Reform Act officially implemented the Direct Lending program where banks lend to students. Under the provisions, the student has no say in how the loan will be administered. Banks can charge usury interest rates, prevent the student from negotiating a payment plan, attach exhorted penalties and never allow the student to declare bankruptcy. It's a goldmine for the banks. Student debt at the scale we have in America doesn’t exist anywhere else in the rest of the developed world. Colleges are charging today's students more for higher education than ever before in history, meanwhile, colleges are raking in billions of dollars from the media for NCAA sports franchises. Where is all that money going? Not to better education. And certainly, not to reduce the cost of education.

The Bribers want to reduce spending on public education, attempting to defund all public education in favor of private schools. A few years ago they told us the schools are overcrowded, there are too many kids in the school. Today they're saying there aren't enough kids to support the overhead. Charter schools started to replace public schools. Charter schools are privately owned businesses to provide profits to the investors from the government. They're trying to apply Private Business principles for public service, but this doesn't work. The initial premise is screwed up you can't do that in schools. Students should be first, not profits.

They drain the public schools in a variety of methods. Controlling the textbooks, changing what to teach, limiting funds so the public schools can't function properly and they hate the unions. Civics is no longer taught in schools because the Bribers want the public to be disengaged from paying attention to the wealth's abuse of the system – Civil Disengagement.

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The GOP has led on the white racist CRT-social panic, with Republican legislatures in at least 24 states successfully passing anti-CRT measures.