How Inflation Is Used & Manipulated.

Inflation is a method for the briber to take back increases in workers' wages. When people receive an increase in wages the inflation rate goes up, to compensate for the wage increase, therefore taking away the value of the wage increase. By increasing prices and not increasing wages the bribers are able to extract more profits. Inflation easily explained is as the cost of living.”

Inflation is a tool of the bribers with the politicians. They use the corporate media to enrage the public about inflation, then talk it down when it benefits the élite. While industry-paid economists attempt to dispute the extent to which skyrocketing corporate profits are impacting inflation, the data shows conclusively that profits constituted a much larger portion of price increases last year than at any point in recent history. This is called “price gouging.” The corporate-paid economists attempt to hide the extent to which corporate consolidation has enabled these price increases. These corporate economists don't want to go against the industries that pay their salaries. In other words, when just a few companies dominate an industry, those companies are able to increase their prices more than they would be able to do in a more competitive environment.

The public currently thinks inflation is at an all-time high. NO. It is not. The temporary higher prices are the result of a once-in-a-century global pandemic — and they are already self-correcting. When you’ve got pundits saying gas is up 50% over last year — well, of course, it is! Because nobody was driving last year! And don’t forget, the oil companies, not wanting to be left out of the record wealth accumulation by the rich during the pandemic, have jacked these prices up worldwide. Stop being conned by a media that knows squat about economics. None of this has anything to do with Biden.

Major oil companies made 35 billion dollars in profit in the first quarter of 2022. It is estimated that the Oil Industries are going to give $88 billion dollars in stock Buy Backs to their wealthy shareholders. Then the Corporate Media tries to make the public outraged about the high price of gas – when they know the Oil Barron's are gouging everyone. The Republican Senators filibuster so their Owners/Bribers (Oil Industry) don't have a windfall profits tax on the excess profit gouging. The last time oil was $115 a barrel the average gasoline price at the pump was $3.83, not over $5.00. The Oil Industries are using the excuse of war in Ukraine for the gas prices being high, in reality, they are taking advantage of that situation and raising prices to an outrageous level which is hurting the American working family. Worldwide shortages and spikes in the cost of both fuel and food are causing a panic. Oil prices worldwide were rising as the pandemic eased in large part because the 15% production cuts Trump negotiated in 2020 with Russia and Saudi Arabia remain in place. The Saudis are “refusing to take Biden’s phone call” about raising oil production back to 2019 levels.

Recent recordings of CEOs talking to investors have confirmed that prices are being raised to increase profiteering off the American public, not because the companies are losing money. The Corporate Media loves to mention inflation is at a forty-year high, but they rarely mention that corporate profits are at a fifty-year high. Where inflation is coming from? The greedy corporations.

The Corporate Media like to complain that inflation is caused by people getting a little bit of money from the government during the COVID Pandemic. They never talk about how the Federal Reserve shot Trillions of Dollars to Wall Street (the Bribers). They don't want to inform people about the Corporate Welfare that far exceeds the amount given to the average citizen. When the Stock Market was crashing in March 2020 the Federal Reserve poured Trillions of Dollars into the Bribers buying assets, buying stocks, buying bonds, and buying treasury bills so that they expand the balance sheet during the coronavirus crisis. It all started in March of 2009 when the Republican Recession was causing a financial crisis – remember the bailouts. The stock market crashed which is why the Federal Reserve went into action, they shut down the treasury and took extraordinary actions never taken in history. The rich people got tons of money and tons of support, way more than working-class people. None of the Mult-Trillions of Dollars that went to the Billionaires is being paid back to the government. But, oh my God, people were unable to feed their kids and received a small amount of assistance Corporate Media implied that the average person is a “freeloader.”

Inflation is the new business model. There is no great shortage of anything. At least half of the inflation we are experiencing right now is simply corporations, which are essentially monopolies, in their industries are able to price gouge. For example, there are only basically four major airlines in America, their fares right now are over 20% higher than they were a year ago. They're just using their Monopoly power to raise prices. This is happening across every industry because the Bribe System has created virtual monopolies that have eliminated any competition. Half of our inflation is coming from the oil industries which maintain high oil prices because they can without competition or regulation. An easy solution is to go back to the law we had from 1973 to 2015 which made it illegal to export oil from the United States. We should keep our oil here, not ship it outside America just so Oil Companies can make more money. These companies are not patriotic to America.

The House of Representatives Committee On Oversight & Reform Report of November 2022 Confirms Corporations use the 'Cover of Inflation to Raise Prices Excessively.' The report highlights how certain corporations are using the cover of inflation to raise prices excessively resulting in record profits and profit margins at the expense of consumers. They also noted Americans understand this is happening and they wanted it to stop. Calling out these corporations saying that basically, they're ripping us off. The title of the report is Power & Profiteering and it shows how certain industries hiked prices and drove inflation. Under the disguise of inflation, these corporations are driving price-gouging up as the result of their Monopoly. The report notes “as American corporations report their highest profit margins the United States has seen in over 70 years, executives of leading companies are admitting on earnings calls that they're taking advantage of inflation.” They are jacking up prices because they can fleece the consumer. Three of the five largest companies in the shipping industry saw profits rise by 29,000%. The two largest public companies in the rental car industry saw a profit increase of 597%. Four of the largest public companies in the meat processing industry saw their profit go up 132%. Four of the 10 largest public companies by market cap in the oil and gas industry saw their profits rise 62%. This is a just absolutely shocking report of greed

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