Think Tanks

Why Are There Think Tanks?

Why do the bribers pay for these so-called “Think Tanks”? They spend millions of dollars to have pointy-headed conservatives come up with Concept Papers which in actuality only benefit the rich. Then they put out reports stating what the bribers want, stating it will help the public when in reality it won't.

It takes a lot of money to fund a challenge at the Supreme Court. This was not the intent of the Founders, just the opposite, that all citizens have equal access to justice. It takes millions of dollars to bring anything before the Supreme Court, money the average citizen or group of citizens doesn't possess. So you've got these right-wing billionaires and their ideologues who have been willing to pour literally hundreds of millions of dollars into stacking the court and bringing cases to the court, They employ “Think Tanks” to write legal briefs to the courts pretending to be concerned citizens.

Republicans want to deconstruct the Administrative State. The Administrative State is the Regulatory Agencies that are hated by the Bribers. The agencies that prevent big corporations from harming the public. The agencies which protect you, John Q. Public, from the harm the Bribers can do with no morality to The People. Every Republican is in the pocket of the big money Bribers.

The Republican Revolution is the embrace of neoliberalism; putting financial interest (money) ahead of national interest (patriotism) has become the main focus of the entire Republican Party. Spawning an industry of Think Tanks and Bill Mills that cranks out “model legislation” for both States and Congress to enact into law; legislation that does not have the best interest of the people in mind.

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