Think Tanks

Why Are There Think Tanks?

Why do some people pay for "Think Tanks"? These groups are made up of conservative experts who write papers that only benefit the rich. They then release reports saying that what they want is good for the public, even though it's not.

It costs a lot of money to bring a case to the Supreme Court, which goes against what the Founders wanted. They wanted everyone to have the same access to justice. But wealthy conservatives are able to bring cases to the court because they have lots of money. They even use "Think Tanks" to write legal briefs pretending to be normal citizens.

Republicans want to get rid of the Regulatory Agencies that protect the public from harm caused by big corporations. These agencies are disliked by wealthy people who only care about making money. Every Republican is supported by these wealthy people.

The Republican Party has shifted towards prioritizing money over patriotism, which is called neoliberalism. This has led to the creation of Think Tanks and organizations that make laws that only benefit the wealthy, not the people.

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