Defense Industry

How The Defense Industry Robs Us.

The United States regularly spends far more on its military than any other country. The relationship between the military and the defense corporations is that both sides benefit from the Bribe System where the military obtains war weapons and the politicians, military leadership, and corporations are paid to supply them. The participants become wealthy in a “revolving door” Bribe System where the relationship is most prevalent due to close links among defense contractors, the Pentagon, and politicians.

There are large groups of unaccounted money supposedly because of “national security.” The Defense Department is not audited, so the amount of fraud and abuse is not known. However, it is routinely discovered that they pay outrageous prices for items that can be purchased at extremely lower prices. The United States spends more on its military than the next nine countries combined. A bloated $839 billion defense budget means no money to the family who pays taxes and can't afford to put food on the table.

The defense department is bloated because of the Bribe System. Money is going to defense contractors and defense executives who are lining their pockets. Much of the spending has nothing to do with National Security. Defense Contractors are ripping off the American taxpayers millions and millions of dollars because they were overcharging for supplies. They charge a thousand times more than what it would cost if they were competitively bid. Instead, there are “sole providers” who can charge whatever they want. There is no price transparency. The entire procurement process needs to be overhauled. But it won't happen as long as Politicians take money from the Defense Contractors.

The media benefits from the US military which runs a stealth propaganda operation through Hollywood films that is barely disclosed to audiences.

There's pretty much not a single member of the House of Representatives who's not a multi-millionaire. There are now senators who are worth tens of millions of dollars and some billionaires. Many of them got rich while they were in the House of Representatives and Senate because they carved an exemption into the insider of trading laws. They know whenever a company is going to get a contract, or a particular defense contractor is going to get a government contract. They know it before the public knows it. So, then they just go in and buy a whole pile of stock. If anyone else did that it would be considered “insider trading” and they would go to jail. We saw this happening all over the place. It is poison to a Democracy.

Defense Contracting is where a huge amount of money is used to bribe the system supposedly for the security of our nation. The Pentagon spending is not audited. Money is spent in secret ways that no one knows how or where the money is going. It is a siphon on our value as a country.

In 1959 President Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex.

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New toilets on the Navy’s two newest aircraft carriers clog so frequently that the ships’ sewage systems must be cleaned periodically with specialized acids costing about $400,000 a flush, according to a new congressional audit outlining $130 billion in underestimated long-term maintenance costs.

The non-partisan GAO recently found that “an increasing number of F-35s have not been able to fly because they don't have a working engine.” The Pentagon recently announced a new deal to spend $30 BILLION more on another 375 F-35s.

The average taxpayer paid $929 to Pentagon contractors last year.

The Defense sector spent $101 million on lobbying during the first three quarters of 2022.