Social Security

What About Social Security?

Everyone likes Social Security except for Billionaires and Big Corporations. The bribers want to get their hands on everyone's Social Security money. It's a huge amount that they can use to their own benefit. This is why they make it so difficult for Social Security to exist and are constantly trying to end Social Security. They want your Social Security money to go to Wall Street.

Social Security is one of the most popular and successful government programs in the history of our nation. For more than 80 years, in good times and bad times, social security has paid out every benefit owed to every eligible American on time. Since its, inception Social Security has never failed the American people and remains an enormously important program. It has been relied upon for more than eight decades. Before Social Security about half of the seniors were living in poverty, today though the poverty rate is still too high for seniors, that rate is just 8.9%. There is a need for improvement, however, the bribers want to eliminate Social Security completely.

Social Security is not going broke. The Bribers and the Republicans through the Corporate Media want you to believe it is so they can make money off the public. Social Security is solvent. Can easily be more solvent if the millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share; they pay virtually nothing into the Social Security System. Social Security should be expanded and Seniors should be receiving an income above the poverty level. It could easily be done if the politicians didn't take money from the Bribers.

Social Security is not just for senior citizens. Social Security is the nation’s largest and most generous program for disabled workers, providing 8.9 million with benefits. It is also the nation’s largest and most generous children’s program, serving 4.3 million children. In fact, about one in three Social Security beneficiaries are receiving disability or survivor benefits. Social Security is by far the nation’s most important life insurance policy, providing benefits to older persons (i.e., widow and widowers) whose spouse has died, for many younger spouses caring for dependent children, and to children whose parent has died. Social Security’s protections are estimated to have a present value of $612,000 in life insurance and $631,000 in disability insurance for a married worker who has average earnings and two children under 5 years old

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