Social Security

What About Social Security?

Social Security is a program that helps Americans, especially seniors, have financial stability. Most people like Social Security, but Billionaires and Big Corporations don't because they want to use the money for themselves. They make it hard for Social Security to exist and are always trying to end it. They want your money to go to Wall Street instead.

Social Security is an important program that has been successful for over 80 years. It has never failed to pay benefits on time, even during hard times. Before Social Security, many seniors lived in poverty, but now the poverty rate is only 8.9%. While there is room for improvement, the bribers want to eliminate the program entirely.

Republican members of Congress have called Social Security "fat and garbage." They want to phase out the program in the next five years and are willing to force the U.S. government into default to make it happen. It's important to protect Social Security and make sure it continues to help those who need it.

Social Security is not running out of money, despite what the Bribers and Republicans want you to think. They want to make money off of the public by cutting Social Security benefits. However, Social Security is actually solvent and could be even more solvent if millionaires and billionaires paid their fair share. Currently, they pay very little into the system. Social Security should be expanded so that seniors can receive an income above the poverty level. This could easily be done if politicians didn't take money from the Bribers.

Social Security is not just for senior citizens. It also provides benefits for disabled workers and children. In fact, about one-third of Social Security beneficiaries receive disability or survivor benefits. Social Security is like a life insurance policy that provides benefits to people whose spouse or parent has died. The protections it provides are estimated to be worth over $600,000 for a married worker with average earnings and two young children.

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