Corporate Democrats

The Corporate Democrats.

A "corporate democrat" is a term used to describe a politician or political candidate who is associated with the Democratic Party in the United States and who is perceived to be more aligned with corporate interests than with progressive or left-leaning values. This term is often used by those who are critical of these politicians, who they believe prioritize the interests of corporations over those of their constituents.

These politicians are often seen as more moderate or centrist in their political positions, and they may be more likely to support policies that are friendly to corporations, such as deregulation and tax cuts. They may also receive campaign contributions from large corporations and wealthy donors, which can create the perception that they are more beholden to these donors than to their constituents.

The term "corporate democrat" is often used by those on the left of the political spectrum who are critical of the influence of corporate money in politics and who advocate for more progressive policies. They may see these politicians as too willing to compromise on important issues, or as not doing enough to address issues such as income inequality or climate change.

It's worth noting that this term can be used in a derogatory manner and that not all politicians associated with the Democratic Party who receive corporate donations or support are necessarily "corporate democrats."  If you try to find out what a "Corporate Democrat" is, you might come across different explanations, and that's because some people want to make it confusing. Some definitions say it's a politician who supports corporations. But in reality, a Corporate Democrat is any Democratic Politician who accepts money from rich donors for favors (but claims it doesn't influence them). They might not take as much money, and they might support some things that most people want, but when they have to make a decision, they will do what the rich donors want them to do. That's not much different from what some Republicans do. Capitalism is good, but it needs to be regulated so that rich people can't take advantage of the middle class.

Unfortunately, there are some Democrats who take money from rich donors. They might call themselves "centrists" or "moderates," but really they're just doing what their big donors want them to do, instead of doing what's best for the people they represent. This needs to stop.

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The Republicans and some Democrats rotate from working for the government to working in a cushy lobbing position on K Street working for big business.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) received nearly $1 million over the past year from private equity professionals, hedge fund managers and venture capitalists whose interests she has staunchly defended in Congress.